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Country Style

Country Style August 2019

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

her very well because she had driven with her husband Jack all the way from Nowhere Creek in Victoria. I was impressed because, 1. It was nearly a 1000-kilometre drive; 2. She was pregnant and had two little boys under two; 3. It was only for ONE night; and 4. She told me that Jack had kept going to Inverell as he had to pick up a tractor cab! I left before he came back to pick her up for the trip home, but I’ve always been interested in seeing what Kirby did next. The dream she told me about that day, years ago, has finally been realised and today this young mum of four hosts long lunches and other events at Ballakaye, the property her children (and the sixth…

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in this issue...

LISA BURDEN Sourcing fashion for our Style Diaries on page 124 and hunting down homewares to emulate Talmo homestead on page 48 is all in a day’s work for this stylist. Though she never had a country childhood, Lisa says her partner has spent a lot of time in regional Australia and his tales of camping in paddocks, free roaming on farms and amazing food has “sold” her on the rural lifestyle. So, too, have the people she meets through her work with Country Style. “They have great taste and wonderful stories and I get to help tell them in a visual way,” she says. Lisa is a firm believer that authentic style doesn’t have to come with an expensive price tag: “A photograph of a loved one, an antique collected on…

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Surrounded by towering bunya-bunya pines and monkey-puzzle trees, this 1860s bluestone homestead @barunahplains has been lovingly restored. It features 13 bedrooms, a ballroom, a formal dining room and an original grand piano. “Wow … grew up with a large monkey puzzle tree in the 60s ... haven’t seen one for years” @the_home_paddock “You can stay here. Let’s go! Winter getaway?” @beaustyle Words @virginia_imhoff Photography @marniehawson Styling @lyndagardener and @bellebrightproject Our 30th Anniversary Collectors’ Issue celebrated 30 people who are making an outstanding contribution to regional Australia. One of them was grazier @charliearnott1 and we visited him at his family property near Young, NSW, where the focus is on improving the soil and restoring the landscape, as well as farming award-winning biodynamic beef, pork and lamb. Country cook @stevecumper1 shared a recipe…

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your page

THE GOOD FIGHT When a new issue comes out I make myself a coffee at about 5.30am and sit and read this beautiful magazine from cover to cover in the peace and quiet of a new dawn. To my delight, this weekend I awoke to rain after months and months without a drop. I’ve been handfeeding our pet cattle, knowing that the time has come to give them away, their fate unknown, because the rain has come too late for us. The first story I turned to was Growing Strong by Chris Ferguson on page 21. This story really resonated with me, so much so, that I had to go and wake my husband so I could read it to him. As I did tears streamed down my face and he asked…

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back to life

WE CAN’T WIPE the grins off our faces — my partner, the Ginja Ninja, and I — as we load some of our cattle onto a truck that’s returning to our station at Yantabulla in north-western NSW. After more than 500 days of handfeeding, we are all on a first-name basis so perhaps the spring the cattle have in their step this morning is because they’re infected with our excited mood, but I like to think that they know they’re going home. Rain that fell in south-western Queensland months ago has made its slow, winding way more than 700 kilometres down the Warrego River into Cuttaburra Creek and inundated the GN’s property between Bourke, NSW, and Hungerford, Queensland. It’s something to see, that warm, muddy water flowing gently through dusty grey…

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life's work

THEY ARE CARRIED IN, babes in arms. Swaddled in towels, many still damp from birth, up to 250 newborn fillies and colts are rushed into Scone Equine Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Clovelly Stables in NSW each foaling season from August 1 to the end of December. Tiny four-legged patients, some are orphaned, others premature, many are unable to stand or nurse. They are critically ill, in immediate need of acute medical treatment and care. Dr Catherine Russell, a specialist in equine medicine with a special interest in neonatal equine care, is there to scoop them up. Catherine is one of seven specialists and 30 equine vets performing emergency procedures, and practices on 1100 horses a year at this world renowned horse hospital in NSW’s Hunter Valley, the heartland of Australia’s…