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Country Style September 2019

Country Style celebrates the diversity of modern country living. Brings to life the stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. We visit amazing homes and gardens, travel through Australia's most vibrant regional centres and sample all the good things the country has to offer

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a letter from the editor

I have managed to wean myself off the two teaspoons of sugar that used to be stirred briskly into the tea while I sat waiting patiently at the scrubbed pine kitchen table. I spent a lot of time with Nana as I was growing up. As a former English teacher, she was wonderful at helping me with my homework and she also taught me to knit — although that wasn’t very successful, despite her best efforts. I thought of her as I read this month’s ‘A Day in the Country’ column by Eliza Henry-Jones. Eliza’s grandma preferred her tea scalding hot and black, accompanied by white toast with homemade marmalade — turn to page 16 for this moving piece about growing up with a grandparent suffering from Alzheimer’s. Nineteen-year-old Harry Coulton…

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in this issue...

BREE LEECH When creating our sumptuous decorating feature on page 79 this talented interior designer and stylist celebrated everything she loves about spring. Growing up in Gisborne in Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, Bree enjoyed a ‘free-range’ childhood where it was only a short walk or ride to play near creeks or climb tall trees. Now living in Melbourne, she often heads back there with her three boys to give them the same sense of adventure, admitting such trips are also important respite for her soul: “The country sparks my imagination and recharges me like nothing else can.” When shooting stories for Country Style, Bree says she focuses on the ‘honesty’ that she feels typifies country interiors. Her top spring decorating tip? “Bring spring in by adding fresh blooms in vases anywhere you can,…

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your page

COUNTRY MOVE After years reading your magazine, 30 in fact, I thought it was time to contact you to tell you how much reading your amazing magazine means to me. I finally sat down to enjoy your 30th birthday issue. Phew, what a busy month it was. Not only was I managing the normal everyday, but my partner was in hospital and I was juggling four kids, one dog and two cats. On top of this, I also had my 30-year school reunion where it was amazing to catch up with old friends. Through all of this, while reading your issue, I realised that I’ve been buying your magazine from the start, since I was 17. I still have many to this day. Living in the country is something I one day hope to…

3 min.
bitter sweet

MY GRANDMOTHER LOVED MARMALADE, but it wasn’t until after she died that I finally started to make it. She had Alzheimer’s and, growing up, I shared a house with her. She moved things, broke things, hid things. She didn’t know who she was. She didn’t know that she was home. Our house always felt raw and jagged, nothing stayed in its place. Marmalade was something rare and steady; it came from before, from when she was whole and with us. I remember it beaded, sticky, on my fingers. I remember the smell of it, served alongside black tea. Our citrus orchard was already established when we moved to our farm. Lisbon lemons, blood oranges, navel oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, and cumquats. Every morning, I put my baby in his carrier and we…

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country style

Editor-in-chief VICTORIA CAREY Creative director JO QUARMBY Melbourne editor VIRGINIA IMHOFF Senior copy editor KYLIE IMESON Copy editor DEBORAH GRANT, MELODY LORD, STEPHANIE HOPE Art director ANDREA HEALY Art production/designer MATUS KUNDRAT Junior designer SOPHIE WILSON Stylists LISA BURDEN, NATALIE JOHNSON Homes group production editor TAMARAH PIENAAR Homes group coordinator SARA SLEEMAN (02) 9282 8456 Regular contributors CLAIRE MACTAGGART (Queensland contributing editor) DIXIE ELLIOTT (Food) ROB INGRAM (Country Squire) ANNABEL LAWSON (Books) JOHN McPHEE (Collectables) BARBARA SWEENEY (Flavours) JULIETTE WINTER (Health and Beauty) SAMANTHA VAN EGMOND (Writer) ADVERTISING AND PRODUCTION Commercial manager RHYL HEAVENER (02) 8114 9420 Homes commercial manager RHONDA MAUNDER (02) 9282 8687 Brand executive JENNIFER BURKE (02) 9288 9145 Advertising production manager KATE ORSBORN (02) 9282 8364 Victoria, SA and WA sales director JACLYN CLEMENTS (03) 9823 6341 Director of sales NSW KAREN HOLMES (02) 9282 8733 Victoria head of direct sales WILL JAMISON (03) 9823…

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life in colour

MOVING FROM AN isolated sheep and cattle property in western Queensland to the lush Sunshine Coast at age 10, artist Amy Clarke finds inspiration in the natural landscape. “I remember thinking the scenery was very exciting and different,” says Amy, whose parents headed six hours east from St George with their three young children after buying a ginger farm in the hinterland town of Yandina. “To come from such a barren setting to somewhere so tropical was quite a contrast — I love both places for different reasons.” Nearly four decades on, Amy now lives in the vibrant and historic town of Eumundi, just 10 minutes from Yandina, with her husband Ross, daughter Coco, 15, and 17-year-old son Charlie. “We were always drawn to Eumundi,” says Amy, who worked in marketing…