Drum: Food Ambassador

Drum: Food Ambassador

DRUM Food is back with all new mouthwatering recipes from the finalists of the DRUM Food Ambassador competition. There's a great mix of dishes for all your family's needs - from simple and scrumptious meals for the midweek rush to lavish culinary creations to wow dinner guests. What's more, each of these recipes are easy to prepare and use ingredients that you'll easily find in the shops.

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the editor

I’VE always been an adventurous foodie at heart. I remember as a teen I’d be on the lookout for new, interesting ingredients to try. I would also cut out magazine recipes (I still have all of these), which I’d cook at home for my family. They acted as my taste testers and my dad was always full of compliments. This sparked much joy in me and instilled such a love of cooking that when I was older I decided to quit my corporate job and pursue a career as a chef full time. Looking back, it was a gamble. But it paid off! My passion is now my career and I feel like this is where I’m meant to be. I’ve already published a few of my recipes in DRUM magazine,…

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finding the ultimate chef

HUNDREDS of talented cooks entered our 2019 DRUM Food Ambassador competition, sending in a delectable selection of starter, mains and dessert recipes to show off their cooking chops, so to speak. After much deliberation, the top 12 finalists were selected and they headed off to Capsicum Culinary School in Rosebank, Johannesburg, for a cookoff to find the DRUM Food Ambassador in association with SA Pork. The judges – celebrity chefs Zola Nene and The Lazy Makoti Mogau Seshoene, Capsicum cooking school lecturer Ukhonaye Mconi and SA Pork’s Marieta Human – taste tested the recipes and decided on the winner, a tough job with so many talented foodies putting their best foot forward. Ultimately, Liziwe Matloha from Boksburg, Gauteng, a wife and mother of three, was named the first DRUM Food Ambassador. “She had perfectly…

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the top 12 finalists

▪ Tuna fish cakes▪ Coconut braised pork▪ Malva pudding with a citrus twist ▪ Apricots stuffed with goat’s cheese & wrapped in bacon▪ Sweet and sour pork steak on turmeric noodles with apple and red cabbage slaw▪ Apple crumble tartlet ▪ Mussels in tomato sauce▪ Pork belly▪ Chocolate fondant ▪ Homemade salmon and cream cheese pie▪ Smoked eisbein with apple sauce, Parmesan mash and caramelised carrots▪ Lemon yoghurt tart ▪ Crispy bacon and rocket salad▪ Honey-glazed pork strips with fluffy mash and salad▪ Moulded yoghurt tarts ▪ Peri-peri chicken livers with toasted French bread▪ Syrup-glazed pork chops with creamy mash potatoes and broccoli▪ Very berry cheesecake ▪ Rice fish cakes served with sweet chilli sauce▪ Pork shank stew with roast potatoes, pumpkin and corn▪ Chocolate pudding topped with popcorn ▪ North African fish half-moons with turmeric mayo…

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nada hermanus, 26

The fondest memories usually involve good food and I love to carry on that tradition through all the food I prepare. I enjoy experimenting with tried-and-trusted recipes, and then put ting a unique spin on them TUNA FISH CAKES SERVES 6 PREPARATION: 15 MIN CHILLING: 30 MIN COOKING: 4 MIN A BATCH 500ml (2c) mash potato1 can (170g) tuna, drained20ml (4t) chopped springonionsalt250ml (1c) cake flour1 egg, whisked250ml (1c) dried breadcrumbsoilcheese-and-chive-flavoured dipto serve 1 In a large bowl mix the mash potato, tuna and spring onion. Season with salt. 2 Roll the fish mixture into 6 balls and flatten with the palm of your hand to form patties. Dust with the flour, then roll in the egg and breadcrumbs. Chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. 3 Pour the oil into a frying pan, take the…

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qiqa sibonise jabane, 25

I would say food means love to me. When I was 7 years old, my grandmother taught me how to cook and stood by me for every step. After she passed away I used cooking to heal me. It’s a spiritual experience for me HOMEMADE SALMON AND CREAM CHEESE PIE MAKES 6 PREPARATION: 30 MIN CHILLING: 15 MIN BAKING: 15-20 MIN PASTRY 310ml (1¼c) cake flour1 ml (¼t) salt125g unsalted butter, cubed60ml (¼c) cold water SALMON FILLING 500g smoked salmon offcutsjuice of 1 lemon1ml (¼t) salt1 clove garlic, finely chopped1 onion, finely chopped5ml (1t) chilli powder50g fresh parsley, chopped80g fresh basil, chopped TO ASSEMBLE a little melted butter for brushing the pastry70g cream cheese plus a little extra to garnish1 egg, whisked and thinned with a little milk for brushing the pastryroughly chopped parsley leaves to garnish Preheat the…

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mpilonhle ndlela, 24

Cooking has always brought me a deep sense of peace and happiness. It reminds me of home, family and unconditional love. I love how food brings people together. Food is the one language everyone can understand RICE FISH CAKES SERVED WITH SWEET CHILLI SAUCE SERVES 4 PREPARATION: 25 MIN CHILLING: 45 MIN COOKING: 20 MIN 1 onion (preferably red), finely chopped½ a green pepper, finely chopped15ml (1T) chopped fresh coriander2 tins (170g each) shreddedtuna, drained2,5ml (½t) salt180ml (⅔c) cooked rice1 large egg, whisked500ml (2c) oatscanola oil for frying1 lemonsweet chilli sauce and lemon slices to serve 1 In a large bowl, combine the chopped onions, green pepper, coriander, tuna, salt and cooked rice. 2 Mix in the whisked egg to bind the mixture. 3 Form small balls from the mixture and flatten each one slightly with…