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Earth Island Journal Autumn 2019

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interrogating the machine

If technology is the answer, what is the question? This is a riddle which today’s green movement would do well to ponder. Across the political and cultural spectrum of the postmodern West — and not just the West — “more technology” has become the answer to just about every contemporary problem, including the many problems which were caused by applying this answer in the first place. This special issue of Earth Island Journal interrogates the use, philosophy, and — let us be frank — the eschatology of technological progress, and the obsession with techno-solutionism that has now overwhelmed our culture. It is not a new observation to say that if progress is the religion of the increasingly secular West, then technology is its liturgy and creed. As climate change spirals beyond…

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earth island journal

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letters & emails

White-Tail Hunting Land “Hornography” (Summer 2019) is an absolutely wonderful feature. I lived in Ireland at the time that Mad Cow Disease, which was caused by feeding cattle ground-up remains of sheep that had scrapie, broke out in Britain. I ended up back in West Virginia in white-tail hunting land, and have followed chronic wasting disease (cwd). Recently, I collected a few bookmarks on my computer dealing with cwd and it being located around captive deer breeding facilities. Your article answered my curiosity about these places, as well as how the prions escaped from behind the fences. Kent Murphy West Virginia An Insane Quest The author of “Hornography” is my cousin. I assisted him in securing interviews with deer breeders and our county wildlife biologist for the article. In general, I agree with his…

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lead out

For years, lead poisoning — caused by ingestion of spent lead ammunition — has been the stealth killer of California condors, responsible for over two-thirds of all deaths within the species’ free flying population. But as of this summer things may be looking up for the endangered birds: On July 1, after a multiyear phase-in period, California became the first US state to enact a full ban on the use of lead ammunition in hunting. The state legislature initially passed the ban back in 2013. What makes lead ammunition so dangerous to condors and other wildlife? Upon impact, it fragments into tiny pieces that lodge throughout a felled animal’s body. So when condors and other scavenging animals feed on the carcasses of these animals, they ingest the poisonous metal. For the…

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jet-setting for the climate?

Picture this: A mix of Hollywood elites, tech industry billionaires, and political insiders head to a seaside resort in Sicily. They arrive on more than 100 private jets, a handful of luxury yachts and helicopters, and a train of sports cars and limousines. They gather outside with cocktails in the evenings and stay in opulent rooms starting at $900 a night. The whole gathering is focused on tackling perhaps the most pressing issue of our time: climate change. Cue the face-palms. The irony of a gaggle of guests, many of the them non-experts — invitees reportedly included Katy Perry, Harry Stiles, and Prince Harry, along with President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio — burning massive amounts of fossil fuels to hang by the ocean and chat about the climate crisis…

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contrail conundrum

Airplane contrails have probably gotten more than their fair share of attention over the years. In particular, they’ve provided consistent fodder for conspiracy theorists convinced that condensation trails are actually “chemtrails” resulting from secret government chemical spraying programs. The evidence behind the chemtrail theory is lacking, to say the least. But that doesn’t mean contrails are quite as innocuous as they appear — they make a fairly significant contribution to human-caused climate change. And according to a recent study in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, this climate impact is expected to triple by 2050 as air travel increases. “When you look at the sky and see those thin stripes, you don’t think that contrails can have an impact,” study co-author Ulrike Burkhardt told Vice. “But they do.” Contrails are simply condensed water and soot…