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Paola Kudacki p.142 “This was my first time working with A$AP Rocky,” says the photographer of her first Esquire cover subject. “When he arrived, we talked and right away he stepped into the set and we started to take pictures. We had a closed set, just him and me. I asked him what he would like to listen to, and when he said Portishead we really bonded. Their sound is inspiring for the both of us.” Kudacki’s originally from Argentina, now based in New York, and her work also appears in Elle, Time and Porter magazines. Miranda and Annie Collinge “I can think of worse people to go treasure-hunting with than my own twin,” says photographer Annie Collinge (Vogue Italia, AnOther, Dazed), who travelled to New Mexico with her sister, Esquire features director…

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editor’s letter

RAPPERS IN BALENCIAGA, PRINCESSES IN ADIDAS. Street-stylists commanding the ateliers of Paris. Mixed media artists from Baltic backwaters fashioning €1,000 hoodies for reality show bazillionaires. Slogan tattoos. Product drops. Pompadoured brand-name couturiers working with diamond-studded sports stars on limited edition trainer collabs, to be queued for in the rain by teenagers who straightaway resell them, at a heavy mark-up, toting home to their commuter-belt bedrooms carrier bags stuffed with wads of crumpled cash to be spent on… what? More trainers. Better trainers. Newer trainers. What else do you buy when you live at home with your flat-white parents — Lululemon mum; Hole & Corner dad — and everything else is free to download, and cigarettes and alcohol are tragically déclassé? The collision of bougie establishment high fashion and the make-do styles…

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self examination

HOW CAN I POSSIBLY HAVE GOT THIS FAR in my strange chronicle of the body’s parts without considering the fundament of them all? The explanation is in some ways quite simple: while having as lively an interest as anyone in the cloven, fleshy, peach-fuzzy fruit that dangles from the human tree, my own buttocks are so ridiculously meagre that I’m scarcely conscious of them. Of course, with the obesity pandemic currently sweeping the Western world — one envisions a great and steatopygic wave, its crest far fatter than its base — I cannot but be aware of the arses of others; the great French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre, made the famous apercu, “L’enfer c’est les pantalons des autres” (“Hell is other people’s trousers”), but I think what he mostly had in…

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man & boy

IT WILL SURPRISE YOU TO HEAR — unless you’ve met me — that I have no mates. I really don’t. I have no gang, no army, no support network, no nothing. I don’t go out at the weekend with a posse of any sort, I am never on holiday with a load of pals and I never bother with a birthday party because I wouldn’t know whom to invite. I don’t know why this is. Sometimes I think I’m sad about it and sometimes I think I don’t give a shit. I do have friends. That’s different. I have plenty of those, from periods all through my life, going back to when I was two or three, whom I have held on to and feel very close to. There are perhaps…

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on the town

Every Thursday night, the great, the good and the genetically-blessed of Milan (so, most of them then) descend on the Armani/Privé Club for a “members only” evening that has become an exclusive, seductively-lit fixture within the city’s high-end social calendar. Inspired by the early-hours ebb and flow of his own RSVP-only Shangri-La, Giorgio Armani’s latest capsule collection is not only a celebration of beautiful Italian eveningwear — midnight blue jacquard blazers, patent leather loafers, pristine white cotton-twill shirting and immaculate textures — but also a demonstration in alternative black tie. Both are perfect for late nights out on the rarefied tiles of Italy’s capitale della moda, and beyond. Photographer’s assistant: Conor Clarke | Grooming: Nohelia Reyes using Laura Mercier and Maria Nila | Model: Max @ Elite Model Management | See…

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time well spent

Through my twenties and thirties, most of my friends had been women. We’d go to museums and concerts together, talk about our relationships, pig out, smoke up, get sloshed, and then wake up platonically in the same bed. When I met men, I could never understand what they were saying. Something about home goals and tight runs, basis points and “adding value”. As someone who doesn’t care about sports or cars and doesn’t work in finance, or, come to think of it, have any job, really, I found my male encounters to be fleeting and sad. Also, it’s hard to use the word “bro” in every sentence and 30 fist-bumps an evening left my knuckles feeling raw. Then, one day, I got a hobby. And, suddenly, I was surrounded by…