Femina Apr 24, 2020

Femina is the market leader of Indian women’s magazines in English. Each fortnight, Femina brings you features and articles relating to real women in the news. It covers all aspects that interest the modern Indian woman: real-life reads, fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, health, food, travel, events, celebrities and entertainment. Femina also champions a cause every year and they range from breast cancer awareness to the education of the girl child. Femina talks to women around the country about their concerns, whether it’s staying on-trend or doing better at work or just staying aware of the news that matters. Femina indeed is, for all the women you are

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editor’s letter

A crisis of apocalyptic proportions, and all we have to do is stay home to save the world. Easy, right? But we crib. It’s boring, limiting, draining, annoying. The monotony of staying at home, doing domestic chores, not getting to socialise turns into a rant. Life is so unfair. IF ANYTHING GOOD MUST COME OUT OF THIS CRISIS, IT SHOULD BE THE SEISMIC SHIFT IN THE WAY WE VIEW OUR WORLD. Stop. Check your privilege. We have a home to stay safe in, food in the refrigerator, groceries available nearby, and working from home as an option. So stay in and do the right thing. Unless you would like to emulate the women we have featured in The Big Story. The healthcare professionals who step out each day to answer their call of duty…

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itc vivel salutes women warriors

It's true what they say—not all heroes wear capes. And in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the warriors of today are the ones that wear a mask. However, most women have been conditioned, gender-stereotyped, and told what they can and cannot do. Vivel, a leading brand from ITC, rooted in the core brand philosophy ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’ salutes and applauds women who break those barriers of conditioning, and go beyond their call of duty. In our very first Digital-only issue, Vivel and Femina are introducing you to those brave souls who are breaking the norms, risking their lives on a daily basis to make sure that people in need don't go hungry, everyone around you is well protected against the virus, stray animals are fed and taken care of.…

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call of duty

As an infectious disease specialist at Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai, Dr Kirti Sabnis (37), is no stranger to epidemics. In the past, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), and the Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala have given healthcare workers the jitters, but nothing on the scale of the current COVID-19 outbreak. “One of the main reasons for the current pandemic spreading swiftly is a long incubation period—14 days—during which an infected person can be asymptomatic, yet capable of spreading the infection to others. The only thing that can contain the virus is social distancing, ideally till the infection rates come down to 1 per cent,” she explains. Trained at the prestigious Christian Medical College, Vellore, Dr Sabnis is currently dealing with scores of COVID-19 suspects at…

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doing her bit

Pune-based Mojdeh Farashahi (39), and her NGO Bodhisattva have always worked for the homeless and destitute, as well as stray animals. “I try to do whatever I can in my capacity to help those who cannot fend for themselves,” she says. And with the lockdown amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the situation has only worsened for them, since restaurants and cafes that used to be a regular source of food, are now shut. Though Farashahi and her team of volunteers have been working consistently, they are unable to do as much as they did before lockdown since not all NGOs have got police authorisation to operate during this period. “We have partnered with those groups who have permits, and it is allowing us to provide volunteers in specific areas as well…

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soldiering on

Kolkata’s Dr Somdatta Satpathi is caught in a long battle. The 24-year-old junior doctor is currently interning at the state-run Beliaghata ID Hospital—the nerve centre of West Bengal’s fight against COVID-19. A student of the Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER) and SSKM Hospital, one of the oldest public hospitals in the city, Dr Satpathi’s internship commenced on March 25, the first day of the nationwide lockdown. “In the midst of this pandemic, I was scared. My primary fear was, what if I infected my parents and others. To avoid such a situation, I have been staying at a medical hostel for the past few weeks,” she says. The young doctor has been working in the outpatient (OPD) and emergency departments at the ID Hospital. She is among the…

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rising above challenges

Despite the challenges being faced by the hospitality industry, Navneet Gill, owner of Nini’s Kitchen, a chain of casual dine restaurants in Gujarat, has not only ensured the needs of her staff are met, but is doing her bit to ensure the needy don’t go hungry and helpless. Commenting on the situation, Gill says, “We couldn’t leave our staff to fend for themselves. So while the restaurant was shut, we’d open it for an hour, twice a day to make food for the staff. Only two people from the kitchen team would cook for everyone, and carry it back to their quarters.” This was when Gill took to social media to announce the Feed Amdavad initiative, inviting those who needed meals. “We were surprised with the number of calls and messages from…