Femina May 24, 2020

Femina is the market leader of Indian women’s magazines in English. Each fortnight, Femina brings you features and articles relating to real women in the news. It covers all aspects that interest the modern Indian woman: real-life reads, fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, health, food, travel, events, celebrities and entertainment. Femina also champions a cause every year and they range from breast cancer awareness to the education of the girl child. Femina talks to women around the country about their concerns, whether it’s staying on-trend or doing better at work or just staying aware of the news that matters. Femina indeed is, for all the women you are

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Caring for our minds and bodies means we can put the best versions of ourselves forward. So what does wellness mean for us? Is it finding ways to de-stress and declutter our lives? Is it making a lifestyle change with the goal to get fit and healthy? In this current scenario, wellness is much more than a trending hashtag or keyword; how we take care of ourselves has become an indispensable part of daily life in 2020. Before the lockdown was enforced, most of us tried to balance our work and life, ensure a healthy lifestyle (as much as possible), perhaps even carve out time for exercise (if we ever managed to tear ourselves away from our laptops or devices). How often were we successful? Today, positivity seems to be a virtue. An…

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the state of being equal

I believe that women are the ones who make men feel like every day is International Men’s Day. Incidentally, International Men’s Day falls on November 19, but not a lot of people know that. I constantly get asked why men aren’t celebrated on the global front. The fact remains, men are recognised far more than women are, despite the fact that women work that much harder, are probably far more diligent, and can deliver the same, if not better results,” says industrialist and philanthropist Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka, founder of Ample Missiion, and a man who always speaks his mind. For over three decades, Dr Murarka has dedicated his life towards uplifting the underprivileged and bettering society through his social enterprise Ample Missiion. He is a strong supporter of women empowerment,…

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finding your calm

AMIDST THE COVID-19 CHAOS Have you been snapping lately, or finding yourself in a constant state of anxiety, fuelled by an addled brain? Or do you find yourself oscillating between a gamut of emotions—a bit too overwhelming to be processed easily? Fret not, as what you might be experiencing is perfectly normal, at least in a life altered by the coronavirus outbreak. Ever since the pandemic has forced people to practice social distancing and self-quarantine to flatten the curve, it has also set stress levels shooting through the roof as each one of us struggles to find our feet during the lockdown. And, it’s imperative that one guards their mental well-being along with physical fitness to wade through it. Let’s meet our experts who are helping people preserve their sanity during this…

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the art of healing

The stress levels induced by the COVID-19 lockdown can reach staggering heights as you might find it tough to adjust to a new routine. This includes balancing personal (household chores, cooking, and handling kids), and professional (work from home) responsibilities. What you need is some downtime where you can get away from it all, and bust that stress. A 2016 study on ‘Reduction of Cortisol Levels and Participants’ Responses Following Art Making’, published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association by Girija Kaimal, Kendra Ray and Juan Muniz found that just 45 minutes of creative activity can reduce your stress, regardless of artistic experience or talent. Those who participated in this study were given a few questions, and their responses showed that the ‘art-making’ session was enjoyable, relaxing,…

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the dilates effect

The humdrum of the lockdown has been hard on all of us. But for many, mental well-being has particularly taken a hard hit. In such cases, it becomes it’s important to tune out, focus on yourself, and find newer things for motivation. Delhi-based Pilates expert and holistic wellness guru, Vesna Persevic Jacob, tells you how. “Mental wellness has a lot to do with being present in the moment. It is about changing your perspective and finding some purpose. You need to be aligned in intention, thoughts, words, and actions. It also takes you out of wallowing in self-pity and keeps you more connected to what’s happening around, giving you more clarity. This is extremely important in uncontrollable situations, just like the one we’re currently dealing with,” says the Bosnia-born Jacob, who…

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mom’s therapy

Mom’s Therapy”, a grandmother’s recipe followed by the daughters since generations is an Indian brand launched by Palasa Body Solutions Pvt. Ltd in 2016 in Mumbai. It manufactures and sells 100% natural and herbal products. The company is the brainchild of Ms. Krishna Tamalia Vora, who is a firm believer in Ayurveda and aims to promote through her body and skincare products. All the products are made from the goodness of the rich First Cold Pressed Black Sesame Oil - an elixir for lush hair and supple skin. The concoction of the first cold press black sesame oil, Indian herbs, and floral extracts is actually An age-old recipe that has been handed down from many generations in the Tamalia family and finally bottled together for the benefit of the masses.…