Femina Jun 9, 2020

Femina is the market leader of Indian women’s magazines in English. Each fortnight, Femina brings you features and articles relating to real women in the news. It covers all aspects that interest the modern Indian woman: real-life reads, fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, health, food, travel, events, celebrities and entertainment. Femina also champions a cause every year and they range from breast cancer awareness to the education of the girl child. Femina talks to women around the country about their concerns, whether it’s staying on-trend or doing better at work or just staying aware of the news that matters. Femina indeed is, for all the women you are

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editor’s letter

Dear Reader, hope you are all well and safe. Trust the COVID-19 paranoia has petered down, drawing us to the reality of living with it, which is going to be the ‘new normal.’ The coronavirus is here to stay, for God knows how long, so pull yourselves together and get going. Lockdown 5.0 has started and it is all about being Atmanirbhar, or being self-reliant and looking out for yourself. That’s what our June issue is about. The lockdown period has thrown up many realities and taught us how to keep our lives simple, and manage it without an army of people and the frills around it. The biggest winner has been self awareness. We will all come out of it more evolved, more aware, and more conscious of how…

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take the lead

Today, we are living with the new normal. We are working from home, and wearing masks and gloves when we venture outside for whatever reason. Everyone is doing their bit to protect themselves and those around them from the virus. And while we are adjusting to our new routines, young entrepreneurs and husband-wife duo, 29-year-old Aniket Parikh, and 24-year-old Namrata Parikh, took the opportunity to introduce an effervescent disinfectant tablet suitable for various household needs. With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare space, the Parikh family has been manufacturing similar products, with a similar product being developed and introduced in the veterinary space about 15 years ago by Amit Parikh, and since then it has gained popularity as an industrial disinfectant. However, seeing that a variation of this popular…

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find that zen

The lockdown has made everyone sit back and take stock of various things. While thinking may be good, too much of it can lead to an overloaded mind. The pandemic and the resulting lockdown has sent many in a frenzy about the future and made them apprehensive about job security and health. “With juggling household chores, helping my daughter with online classes, and office work, I don’t find much time to rest. In the little time that I do have, I am constantly thinking about the stability of the economy, and how it will affect my family,” says Vandana Gupte, 40, a software engineer from Bangalore. Her mind simply didn’t seem to shut off. Relate to this scenario? What you and Gupte need is to declutter the mind and find…

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digitally leaner

In the digital era, it is tough to find people who can say that they are free of digital clutter. Since you have the time whilst at home, use it to declutter and organise your digital life. The human nature to hoard things has penetrated on digital platforms as well, and ever-expanding GBs do not help. Follow these simple pointers, and trust us, you will come out feeling much lighter! LOOK AT UNWANTED APPS If your browse through, on both your phone (especially) and on your laptop, you will find apps that you have not used for a while. Also, increasing the memory of the phone is of no use. There may be apps you downloaded for trial, or on an impulse and haven’t used. Do not hesitate to delete these, and…

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makeup mantra

With over two months in lockdown, you might have aced the deep-cleaning approach to decluttering your home. Now, it’s time to add this focus to your makeup shelf as well. It’s time to get rid of the products that you don’t use often. As a makeup lover, it might be difficult to do so, but that’s how this process should end. Just follow our guide! PLACE ALL PRODUCTS IN FRONT OF YOU The possibility of having makeup products in every drawer, bag, and on all your side tables is relatively high. Take them all out at once, so you know how much and what you have versus what you need. YOU USE ONLY A FEW PRODUCTS No matter how many bottles of foundation you own, at one point you can use no more than…

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keep, recycle, purge, repeat

Wardrobe decluttering is a chore that is tiring simply as a thought, but on the bright side, you’ll do away with unwanted stuff and create precious space. And, if nothing, a decluttered wardrobe is way better to look at than that heap of clothes. Fashion communicator, stylist, and sustainability proponent, Falguni Patel, echoes, “As much as I agree with Marie Kondo’s idea of letting go, we Indians are inherently blessed with hoarding genes. I have been unable to let go off many of my clothes and accessories for the fact that I took a lot of time in screening and buying them. Apart from that, I love repeating clothes by accessorising in different ways, and mixing and matching works for me. However, it’s certainly important to declutter.” “AS MUCH AS I AGREE…