Femina July 2020

Femina is the market leader of Indian women’s magazines in English. Each fortnight, Femina brings you features and articles relating to real women in the news. It covers all aspects that interest the modern Indian woman: real-life reads, fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, health, food, travel, events, celebrities and entertainment. Femina also champions a cause every year and they range from breast cancer awareness to the education of the girl child. Femina talks to women around the country about their concerns, whether it’s staying on-trend or doing better at work or just staying aware of the news that matters. Femina indeed is, for all the women you are

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editor’s letter

We are all learning to live with COVID-19 and have accepted the #NewNormal. While the number of cases in India is still spiking, life is limping back to normal, but with restrictions. It is heartening to see how everyone is pulling themselves together to start afresh, waking up after a long unending dark night. The last four months have been tough and threw up some harsh realities of life—many lost their jobs, businesses have shut down, some have been rendered homeless, and we all lost friends and family to the deadly Coronavirus. It has also made us take a hard look at ourselves to figure out life and what lies ahead. As Indians, we are a very resilient race, and nothing stops us from bouncing back. And we are! IN OUR…

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the borne supermacy

An actor who is the undeniable king of the craft, a cricketer who has taken the world by storm, a businessman who has changed the face of digital India, a fashion designer who is particular about each of his creations being derived from the classics, an entrepreneur who redefined the concept of education, one who has made it on his own in the world of travel, and a social media star who knows what works. This year, Femina’s annual men’s special captures the journeys of those men who not only own their fields in a unique way, but also influence our mind space. Their proven success only paves their paths to greater heights.…

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the man behind the star

HIS SELECTION OF FILMS AT THE BEGINNING OF HIS CAREER EARNED HIM THE TITLE ‘KHILADI KUMAR’. AT THAT JUNCTURE, HE WAS ASSOCIATED WITH ALL THINGS ACTION (READ: DISCIPLINE AND AGILITY THAT WOULD PUT MOST HEROES OF THIS GENERATION TO SHAME). OVER THE YEARS, IT WOULDN’T BE INCORRECT TO SAY THAT HE CAN BE TERMED A STRONG ‘KHILADI’ NOT ONLY FOR THE FILMS HE CHOOSES TO DO, BUT ALSO HIS NOBLE GESTURES. AKSHAY KUMAR IS THE TEAM PLAYER INDIA CAN BANK ON. Influencing, one step at a time What makes Akshay Kumar the most influential personality in Bollywood? While there are several reasons. First, his work ethic. The actor has worked with most producers multiple times, and confesses, “Every producer wants to work with an actor who will come on time, finish a film in…

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winning innings

Flashback April 2011. The Indian cricket team had just won the ICC Cricket World Cup at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, and while the country went into delirious elation, the youngest member of the team carried his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, on his shoulders for an emotional lap of honour. Displaying a great poise and flair, he said, “Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting that we carried him on our shoulders after this win.” Little did the then 23-year-old know that one day, he will be shouldering a similar responsibility as the captain of the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli, who had been asking his father to bowl at him since he was three, entered a professional training school at the age of…

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into his own

He had his path charted out even before he was born. His grandfather established the empire he was to join one day much before his birth, and his father laboriously brought it to dizzying heights, and today, he, along with his siblings is in there to bring on refreshing changes that absolutely talk of the futuristic side of the business. The scion of the Ambani family and son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani—Akash—joined Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited in 2014, roughly around the same age as their father joined Reliance Industries. Young and confident in his skin, Akash has the ability to laugh at himself, and yet be humble enough to acknowledge the hard work put in by others and express gratitude. He, along with twin sister Isha Ambani Piramal, and younger…

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vu cinema smart tv brings luxury home

Vu Televisions, one of the leading brands in the premium television segment, has ensured that movie fans get the best cinema experience and audio-visual performance without stepping outside the safe confines of their homes. The launch of the Vu Cinema Smart TV, a best-in-class smart TV that was launched on 23rd June 2020, this premium television will be sold exclusively on Flipkart. Vu has been reputed to give their customers the best in technology and features, and with the Vu Cinema Smart TV, they are introducing the latest and best 4K features to the Smart TV segment. Commenting on the launch of the product that offers the whole new cinematic experience in the comfort of your home, Devita Saraf, chairman and CEO, VU Technologies, said, “Vu Televisions launched the first range…