Femina October 2020

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editor’s letter

Come October and the air is agog with festivities and celebrations. Our most important festivals fall in this month, and the mood all over is always celebratory. From the week-long pandal visits during Durga Puja for the Bengalis in the East, to the all night-long Navratri’s Garba dancing for the Gujaratis in the West, to Dussehra and Karva Chauth celebrations in the North, to the delicious feasting at Pongal in the South; each part of our country has its own festivals to celebrate. These festivities are extended into bigger celebrations as this is also the peak of the wedding season. This is the story of a normal life in a normal year. This year will be different. The pandemic has thrown everything out of gear and cast a gloom of uncertainty…

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HOME | FASHION | BEAUTY|| BRIDES | WELLNESS | RELATIONSHIPS | CELEBS | LIFE | SPIRITUALITY | PAGEANTS | BLOGS TRENDS SPOTTED DURING NYFW SPRING/SUMMER 20201 What’s New In Fashion. 5 WAYS TO ENSURE YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS STAY CLEAN Take Notes. 7 TIPS & TRICKS TO INDULGE YOUR CHILD TOWARDS HEALTHY EATING AND LIVING Set An Example. KNOW THE NEW NORMAL FOR FITNESS PRACTITIONERS New Rules. We asked our followers on Twitter about how different the wedding/festive season will be this time around. Here’s what they had to say: Aishwarya @ alwaysaishwarya Approach to weddings will definitely be different what with everything moving to zoom from pendals. One thing that doesn’t change is the desire to keep it special even though on a smaller *distant* scale #tweettofemina Sukriti Shahi @SukritiShahi Lesser people, no get-togethers, face masks will…

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welcome the small, slim weddings!

Weddings in India have always been about large gatherings, boisterous celebrations, rich food and foot-tapping music. The pandemic and resulting precautions in place have changed this drastically. A 2017 KPMG report pegged the Indian wedding market at $50 billion. And till the start of 2020, that number must have increased for sure. But with the coronavirus pandemic having brought about the lockdown, the scene has changed. While things are opening up, there are still some strict guidelines by the government. When the process of unlock started, there was a cap of 50 people for weddings. This number included everyone from the bride and groom, families, priest, photographer, and so on. These guidelines just made us bid adieu to the big, fat Indian wedding and embrace what the smaller, slimmer weddings have…

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saying ‘i do’, the new way

Nupura and Shishir, all set to be married next month, talk of the change in vision regarding their wedding and its celebration. Nupura, chartered accountant and Shishir, CFO at a listed company with the Kirloskar group, will be getting married in November 2020. Just like every other couple, they had a certain idea of their wedding. “The entire attraction for us in the wedding was having people who have made us what we are today on our special day and make memories with photographs. Both of us being social, people are our biggest priority,” Shishir notes. From the original plan of 1,500+ people, they will be opting for a smaller wedding, with 50 guests. Even though dates were far and few in between, they were able to watch the series What…

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stream away!

Shivanand Lalwani and Vignesh Rammanoj, co-founders of WedStreamers, a new tech-based platform that facilitates multiple-format live streaming for weddings, offer insights. Pre-lockdown weddings were designed keeping in mind the on-ground guest experience, the décor, the food, the gifting, etc. However, post COVID-19, the digital wedding look and feel has been the major focus. The way a wedding is planned to suit its digital outlook is completely different. The couple and their family now have to plan what part of the wedding they want to have on video and streamed to their online guests. People are focusing less on décor and more on makeup, clothes, video bytes by close friends and family, digital toasts, wedding speeches. They aim to make a video stream that not only the people attending the wedding on…

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penny wise

The Indian wedding industry is the second largest in the world in terms of size and expenditure. The estimated value is pegged at about $40-50 billion, as per a 2017 KPMG report. It is second only to the US, which is estimated to be worth $70 billion. With such large sums of money shelled out for one day, it is clear that Indians take their weddings seriously, in fact, pretty seriously. This year has changed everything, though, and with the world economy taking a steep hit, weddings might not turn out to be the week-long elaborate affairs that they used to be. However, that doesn’t and shouldn’t stop anyone from investing—financially and emotionally—in what would be the most special days of their lives. Even if budgets are slashed owing to…