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Femina is the market leader of Indian women’s magazines in English. Each fortnight, Femina brings you features and articles relating to real women in the news. It covers all aspects that interest the modern Indian woman: real-life reads, fashion, beauty, sex, relationships, health, food, travel, events, celebrities and entertainment. Femina also champions a cause every year and they range from breast cancer awareness to the education of the girl child. Femina talks to women around the country about their concerns, whether it’s staying on-trend or doing better at work or just staying aware of the news that matters. Femina indeed is, for all the women you are

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editor’s letter

Women have always outdone themselves. They have always broken barriers, challenged convention, smashed the glass ceiling, and emerged victorious. They have the courage, the strength, the conviction that nothing can stop them from chasing their dreams and reaching the top. When we look around, women today are more empowered than ever before and occupy positions of power all over. We see far more women as Heads of States, there is far more representation in the corporate world, and far more visibility in leadership positions. Despite what gender stereotypes may tell us, women excel at leadership. They do it every day at home, in their personal lives, and at work. It comes naturally to them and they have time and again proven that. So, like some say, women are born leaders. In this…

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mean machine

With the work from home culture being the norm, workplaces are now confined to a corner in the house and a laptop, which means that your machine needs to go beyond being functional; it needs to allow you to have a space to express your creativity, with zero hindrance. Enter the HP ENVY 15; powering through the minutest requirements of content creators, consumers and prosumers alike; it is most likely to take you light years ahead in experience, performance and expectations. Being the pioneering leaders in personal computers segment, the HP ENVY 15 notebook launched in August this year, came at just the right time. Digital content creators working to create content through the pandemic can now sigh a breath of relief with the HP ENVY 15. It comes with…

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cover credits

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femina fabulous 50

NITA AMBANI Philanthropist Why you should know her: Hers is a name largely associated with wealth and power, but it is also a name that suggests that big dreams do come true! Nita Ambani has received the Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Award 2017 and is the recipient of the award for Best Corporate Supporter of Indian Sports, given by the Times of India. Why we think she’s fabulous: She’s leading the way for women in power! Currently serving as the chairperson and founder of the Reliance Foundation, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, and as a nonexecutive director of Reliance Industries, Ambani started her career as a teacher. Today, her list of achievements includes a prestigious honour from The Met in New York recognising her philanthropic work; this is a first for South Asians. AMBANI’S LIST OF…

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zarine manchanda

With each passing day, Zarine Manchanda is revealing herself to be an empowered young woman and role model. While Mumbai and all of India have been in the tight grip of COVID lockdown in 2020, this young entrepreneur has been on a mission. Zarine has opened three businesses bearing her name: Zarine Manchanda Café, a luxurious café in Versova, Mumbai; Zarine Manchanda Interiors, which designed the café and showcases Zarine’s exclusive and sophisticated taste; and Zarine Manchanda Productions, her entertainment shingle to co-produce a web series with a Hollywood company. And all the while Zarine advanced her entrepreneurial ambitions, she continued to administer food donation programmes for Mumbai’s neediest through her charity NGO, The Zarine Manchanda Foundation. Zarine launched her Foundation in 2019, opening a beautifully designed office in Aarey Colony,…

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lessons in thrift

With consumerism and overconsumption killing the planet and emptying our wallets, it’s about time we acknowledge that certain thrifty habits implemented by our folks in their day-to-day living, are just what we need to adopt now, to maximise our savings during the economic slowdown. So, next time think twice before discarding that garment which no longer serves your purpose since you could recycle it, or hold on to those glass bottles and containers which can be put to myriad uses in your household. According to Satishwar Balakrishnan, Chief Financial Officer, Aegon Life Insurance Company, “When young people start earning, most of them spend their salaries on eating out, new clothes, and expensive gadgets. But I remember how my parents taught me to save for both, short-term and long-term goals. I had…