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Volume 73, Issue 12

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inland manufacturing’s m1 scout carbine: its accuracy will change your mind about m1 carbines

Ron Norton, of Inland Manufacturing, is making what may well be one of the finest M1 Carbines available today. Why is that important when everyone is so AR-15 happy? Because the M1 Carbine was one of the most effective weapons the U.S. military ever issued, with the most hits on enemy soldiers, per rounds fired, of any gun issued before or since. What about power? Sure, you may have heard stories about a WWII or Korean War soldier shooting the enemy five or six times before the enemy went down, but when the body was examined, there was usually only one hole in the vitals. In Korea, many medics stated that they could not tell the difference between .30 Carbine, .30-06, and .45 ACP wounds. Pistol caliber carbines (PCC) are all…

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testing the yugoslav at47 rifle and being impressed

I’ve shot quite a few variants of the AK47, including Russian, Chinese, Egyptian, Bulgarian, East German, Finnish (Valmet), Hungarian, Indian, Iraqi, Polish, and Romanian. Prior to receiving the AT47 for testing I had also fired the Yugoslav AK47 but only once or twice. Some of the others I had only fired for familiarization (i.e. Indian and Iraqi). I’ve owned semi-auto “Pre-ban”-type Chinese, Hungarian, and Egyptian models and done the most shooting with those. I’ve had a Polytech Legend fixed stock AK47 since shortly after they were first imported and have probably put as many rounds through it as the others combined. Many of the AK47s I’ve owned or shot have their own interesting features. For example, I’ve shot the Romanian PM63/65 enough to appreciate the vertical foregrip when firing on full…

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midwest industries mi akg2-y70m rail system for the yugo m70 rifle

Part of the appeal of the AK47 for many shooters, especially those who want a sturdy, no-frills preparedness rifle, is that it normally comes with standard AK iron sights, adjustable via the front post. I agree that can be a positive. However, I have never really been able to shoot the AK very well past 100 yards using the standard sights. Oh, at 200 yards hits I can make a Jihadist size target uncomfortable with quite a few hits, but that’s as precise as it gets. I have used some AK47s or AK74s equipped with a side rail, normally with Russian Collimator Red Dot sights. The M70 doesn’t have a side rail, though, so I decided if I wanted to try it with optics, I needed a top rail. Fortunately, Midwest…

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sig sauer asp20 air rifle

Introduction This article will be in two parts. A new American breakbarrel spring gun has been created and the creators, SIG Sauer, opened their New Hampshire plant last year to show the airgun media what they were doing and how they were doing it. In this part we will first tour the SIG plant, where we show how SIG builds firearms in general, then specifically we will see the ASP20 rifle being created on the production line. Then they will take us to their company range and let us try the rifle for ourselves. But wait — there’s more! SIG is so certain that their new rifle will revolutionize airgunning that each writer who attended the tour was given a rifle with a new scope that was made specifically for the rifle.…

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the calico 9mm liberty ii rifle the radical rotary revolution

Amidst a sea of pervasive similarity at the local firearms emporium a handful of weapons stand out from the pack. The fun rack at the shop will undoubtedly be liberally populated with Gene Stoner’s AR15 in its many-splendored 21st century guises. Long, short, unremarkable, or amply endowed, the AR has the ergonomics and accessories to make it America’s most popular long gun. However, buried deep within all that sameness is a truly radical defensive firearm, the Calico 9mm Liberty II rifle. Calico stands for California Instrument Corporation, and although ownership has changed hands a few times, the company has actually been producing this remarkable gun since the 1980’s. There’s really nothing else out there like it. Featuring the roller-locked delayed-blowback operating system of the HK MP5 melded with a unique helical-feed…

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the evolution of cz custom

Angus Hobdell is not the only transplanted Brit living in Arizona that I know, he’s just the first I met. The very first business trip I ever made as a struggling “media professional” was to CZ Custom in Mesa, Arizona, over Memorial Day weekend, May 2009. Angus Hobdell runs CZ Custom, and while I’d met him on the shooting circuit years before then, after the trip to CZC he and I became friends. I recently went back to CZ Custom, curious to see what had changed over the past decade. The answer was both not a thing, and everything. In 2009, CZ Custom as a business was about five years old. Angus had four employees and the bulk of their business was customizing CZ 75 pistols for competition, although they did…