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rays of hope

Like every business in America, we’ve had to rethink everything about what we do and how we do it. As I write this, a few minutes past midnight, the Forbes team is producing the magazine you’re holding from a red-brick colonial in Charlottesville, Virginia, an apartment in Brooklyn, a basement in Kansas City, an Airbnb in Saratoga Springs, New York (that’s me), and a few dozen other places besides. Many who are reading this are surely facing challenges that were unfathomable even three months ago. To all those who are, let me assure you that we understand, and we’re here to help. I would also like to pass on a simple message: hope. These are hard times for most, growth times for some—and instructive times for all. Everyone was a business genius…

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better health care at bargain prices!

“With all thy getting, get understanding” Can you imagine the United States having a health care system that delivers better outcomes than those we get today at a cost that is 75% less? That number is not a misprint or a fantasy; it’s the reality in Singapore, where there is universal coverage. Life expectancy is 85, more than five years better than in the U.S. Decades ago, Singapore seriously lagged the U.S; now, infant mortality is lower and other medical metrics in the city-state are also better than they are here. Doctors and health-care practitioners are every bit as good in Singapore as they are here, or just about anywhere else in the world. Many get trained in the U.S. or at top-flight schools elsewhere. The nation is always scouring the world…

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celebrity 100

In one of the biggest celebrity cash-outs of all time, Kylie Jenner agreed to sell 51% of her Kylie Cosmetics to beauty giant Coty in November. Her cut: $540 million before taxes, by Forbes’ estimates—more than Wall Street thought it was worth, and more than enough to crown her this year’s top-earning celebrity. Right behind her at No. 2 is brother-in-law Kanye West, who brought in all but $10 million or so of his estimated $170 million in pretax earnings from his high-end sneaker brand, Yeezy. But this cash-grabbing clan would rather talk about their “billions” than their millions. “It’s fair to say that everything the Kardashian-Jenner family does is oversized… To stay on-brand, it needs to be bigger than it is,” says Stephanie Wissink, a consumer product analyst at Jefferies.…

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sound prognosis

In late March, as the coronavirus sent India into a nationwide lockdown, Dr. Arvind Lal, 70, sprang into action. His Dr. Lal PathLabs, one of India’s largest diagnostic chains, quickly won regulatory approval to conduct Covid-19 tests, becoming one of the first private labs able to test the country’s masses. That’s been a boon for the publicly traded company, which is now conducting several thousand Covid tests per day across its labs in New Delhi, Kolkata and Indore. While the tests themselves do not add significantly to revenues, the company is benefiting from favorable sentiment toward the diagnostics sector. Shares are up 19% since Prime Minister Narendra Modi instituted India’s lockdown on March 24, enough to make Lal—its chairman, he owns a 57% stake in the chain—newly a billionaire. In addition to…

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table setters

Benjamin Chesler 28 COFOUNDER, IMPERFECT PRODUCE Grocers won’t stock misshapen fruit and veggies. Imperfect sells this “ugly” produce for up to 30% off. Since 2015, it has prevented 116 million pounds of food waste. Yuni Sameshima 29 & Joey Petracca 29 COFOUNDERS, CHICORY This New York–based startup embeds virtual shopping carts into thousands of online recipes, enabling home chefs to order ingredients with one click. Revenue last year hit $6 million. Sierra Tishgart 30 & Maddy Moelis 29 COFOUNDERS, GREAT JONES A set of five of their ceramic, steel or cast-iron cookware (in Millennial-targeting colors like “broccoli” and “blueberry”) runs $395. They’ve raised $3.4 million; backers include superchef David Chang. Nick Ajluni 26 & Nick Guillen 29 COFOUNDERS, TRUFF HOT SAUCE Six ounces of their white-truffle hot sauce can be yours for $35 at retailers including Whole Foods and Neiman Marcus.…

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book value

Daniel Dines Billionaire cofounder and CEO of UiPath The Erl-King by Michel Tournier There’s no better author than this French novelist to read in the time of Covid-19. Through his books I’ve discovered that studying others’ radical differences gives a lot of insights about oneself. Tournier understood social distancing before it was a term; he’s a master of exploring the hermit’s mind. In The Erl-King (Atlantic Books, 2013) he introduces Abel Tiffauges, an atypical character whose thinking is incongruous with our mental models. The book follows his journey from prisoner of war to becoming the “ogre” of a Nazi school. There, he steals young Aryans from their families—a direct analogy to Nazism itself. A strange novel for a strange time.…