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frankie Magazine May - June 2019

frankie Magazine is an Australian bi-monthly with a difference. A niche-style title with mainstream appeal – filled with fashion, art, craft, music, cuteness and real-life inspiration – frankie is dedicated to uncovering the newest trends, celebrating the latest creative talents and delivering sharp, honest, laugh-out-loud stories their readers can relate to.

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it can be hard to keep up with language sometimes.

One minute you’re calling someone a ‘scullion’, a ‘rampallian’, and threatening to ‘tickle their catastrophe’ (we have William Shakespeare to thank for that linguistic brilliance – pop by page 38 for more of his ornate insults), and the next you’re expressing your displeasure for a peer with a swiftly typed, "OMG GTFO". But who decides which terms should be banished from the vernacular? And what exactly was their beef with zingers like, “Whatever, Trevor” and, “No shit, Sherlock”? If you ask us, they – along with many others – were prematurely retired. And out of respect for jargon unduly forgotten, we’re on a mission to bring them back to life. So, if you’re curious about the 4-1-1 for this issue, let us just tell you it’s all that and a bag of…

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dear frankie

Dear frankie, I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the content. I’ve just moved to the desert for a new job, and our one supermarket stocks your magazine. People who live out bush have good taste, it seems. I read every issue outside in my succulent garden and the authentic stories from like-minded folk get me through my week. Georgia x Dear frankie, My 81-year-old grandmother has taught me to keep ‘inspiration books’. She has more than 10 scrapbooks she’s been filling for decades with magazine cut-outs, photos, cards – anything that inspires her artistically. I’ve followed her example and have two of my own, so far. Frankie was an obvious source for these inspirational things, but pretty quickly I realised I was cutting out most…

19 min.
frank bits

kloke If your preferred style of dressing is ‘stylish, comfortable and ready to kick some butt at any moment’, may we suggest having a toddle past kloke.com.au? There you’ll find the kind of loose-fitting, drape-y duds that allow you to both look fashion-forward and smash out a powerful roundhouse kick, probably – complete with boxy shapes and nifty adjustable belts. Hi-yah! the fairytale Wardrobes in the shape of crayons! What in the world will they think of next? And who is ‘they’ exactly? Well, in this case, it’s Portuguese designer Firmino Carvalho of The Fairytale – perhaps so-named because the idea of being able to afford one of his glorious drawing-and-storing implements is pure fantasy. Yes, they’re rather exxy, but we can still gaze on them adoringly at the-fairytale.com and imagine our own…

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like a prayer

To anyone used to the grey monotony of Christian church construction – a design brief largely unchanged for the better part of a thousand years – it could take a moment to realise that, yes, these are actually churches. Striking pastels, futuristic shapes, garish decorative facades – this is the kind of Christianity you might expect from Mid-century Las Vegas, but it's located, of all places, in Kerala, the southernmost province of India. Photographer Stefanie Zoche first encountered these chapels – which belong to a sect of Catholicism known as the Syro-Malabar Church – while travelling the country with her artistic partner, Sabine Haubitz, in 2006. The German duo’s photographic practice had long been fascinated with the way architecture reflects the lives and identities of those who use it, and they…

3 min.
10 things to do before i die

1. GET MY DEGREE IN MENTAL-HEALTH COUNSELLING. I’ve realised over the years that music is therapeutic for me and for fans – I’m able to say what they can’t communicate in their own emotions. It’s made me want to help people express themselves in a more positive way. I have a long way to go – I'm only a second-year student, but I’ve set the bar to get my degree by the age of 50. 2. RETIRE AT A BEACH HOUSE AND OPEN A WINE BAR. It would be like a living room where people watch movies and listen to music. I’d have my whole record collection there and listen to records all day long while I tend to the wine bar, with a bunch of funky wines. I think it’d…

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pottery in bloom

Tell us, what do you do? I’m an illustrator working on things like books, editorial pieces for newspapers or magazines, and products like notebooks, bedding, wallpaper and dishes. In my free time I draw for fun, and I love to fill up my sketchbooks with things I see around me. Describe your artistic style. I mostly paint with gouache on paper. My paint is water-based, so it has a nice matte finish, similar to watercolour but more opaque. I’d describe my work as feminine and colourful. I love mixing my own colours and seeing how they pair in a piece. I try to paint loosely and confidently, and find that my most successful paintings happen when I’m not trying so hard. What’s the first arty thing you can remember making? My mum…