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let it show

Dove’s newest partnership with Getty Images and Girlgaze is called Project #ShowUs. These two brands collaborated in producing the world’s largest stock photo library, intended as an authentic, diverse and inclusive representation of women across the world. I’m proud to say that on these pages and across our platforms, Glamour has continuously reflected women. We have also featured differently abled, hijab-wearing, non-binary, curvy or petite, broad shades of melanin, 4C textures and more, corporate women who wear locs, tattoos, freckles and much more. We listened when you, our reader, told us, “We want to see ourselves.” In key sections of this issue, Glamour stands behind #ShowUs. My Ed’s Letter pic this month supports Dove’s #nodigitaldistortion guidelines. You’ve seen this image before in previous issues. On the left, however, my picture has…

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this month on glamour .co.za

Actress and presenter Pearl Modiadie shares the secret to her longevity. Put your safety first. Get some useful tips on how to protect yourself and your privacy from online hackers. The winter coat in all it’s glory – wrap yourself in one of these trendy, bold and classic warmers. In our love and relationships section, women detail their experiences (the highs and lows) of dating younger men. Try these game-changing (and super cute) products to help make that time of the month a little easier. GlamourSouthAfrica glamour_sa glamour_sa PHOTOGRAPHY: Aart Verrips at Red Hot Ops, Gallo…

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real beauty, real women

Project #ShowUs is one of the most definitive projects to break beauty stereotypes to date. The project looks to tackle representation, not just on the surface, but going directly to the source of where most beauty imagery comes from: image libraries. In partnership with women from around the world, Dove hopes to achieve what’s never been done before – ensuring that the images we’re surrounded with represent women as they are in real life. Image libraries such as Getty Images – one of the most trusted and esteemed sources of visual content in the world, with over 300 million assets including photos, videos and music available through its industry-leading sites – are commonly used by media journalists, brands and advertisers to source a collection of images tagged with their required descriptions…

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what is project #showus?

Project #ShowUs is a demand from women and from consumers worldwide to all media and advertisers to show women as they truly are: fully, authentically and free of any beauty stereotypes. Dove has taken action with Getty Images and Girlgaze – a network of 200 000 female-identifying and non-binary creatives – to create imagery for media and advertisers to use in order to improve beauty diversity on a scale never attempted before. With over 5 000 images available on gettyimages.com/ ShowUs, Dove’s Project #ShowUs will drive a more diverse and a more inclusive visual landscape through media and advertising. Each image is approved and tagged by the women featured, in real life environments, allowing them to define their own beauty in their own language, on their own terms, ensuring they feel…

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what’s on our fashion radar?

ROCKETMAN The title of this film alone gives us goosebumps. The music, the fashion, the drama – we can’t wait to see this epic biopic of Elton John when it hits theatres this month. FUTURE FEMALES Providing a space for women to connect, collaborate and inspire – digitally and physically – the Future Females movement is inspiring female entrepreneurs all over the world, including SA. For more info, visit futurefemales.co. MANTUA Designer Juandi Andrag creates art inspired by female mysticism and sensuality – with silk being her medium. We’re feeling this whimsical local brand. To shop more of their delicate pieces, visit mantua.co.za. CARTIER The spirit of Cartier is elevated with the impeccable leather work of the Cartier Guirlande bag, which elegantly takes inspiration from the label’s iconic red box. AREA NYC This New York-based brand, founded by Piotrek…

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girl meets boy

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Justine Alexander MODEL: Gina M at The Circle Model Management FASHION EDITOR: Mira Leibowitz WORDS BY: Rusty Beukes…