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GLAMOUR South Africa September 2019

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be part of the mix with cointreau

With a rich history and years of experience, premium white spirit Cointreau turned 170 years old this year. The brand celebrated their heritage at a one-of-a-kind French rendezvous in Angers and Paris, France, with 400 friends from around the globe. The guest list included Celeste Khumalo and Zulu Mkhathini, who have recently been named official friends of the brand. Celeste thrives in the entertainment industry as an actress, entrepreneur and model, while Zulu is a young, vibrant musician, entrepreneur, event host, MC and TV personality. The recipe for Cointreau is simple, natural and almost unchanged since its creation. Its character and excellence lie in the careful selection and blending of sweet-and-bitter orange peels. This crystal clear premium white spirit is the cornerstone of over 350 classic cocktail recipes, although, you don’t need to…

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full bloom

Welcome to the spring issue. I’m especially pleased with contributions by new team members and how we’ve refreshed some of the pages. It’s the season to declutter, after all. Our fashion and beauty team collaborated in showcasing on-trend yet achievable beauty looks on our cover star Celeste Khumalo. This is her first magazine cover. The 26-year-old Durban-based actress and former Miss SA Teen has plenty of new, now, nexts to share: she got engaged, appeared on two record-breaking series on Showmax and Netflix, became the face of PONDS and begun a relationship with premium liqueur brand Cointreau. Celeste will also make her debut on one of SA’s most popular TV dramas, Generations. Glamour’s mission is to be a helping hand, inspire and offer new ideas for how you look, feel, live and…

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that sweet spot

HAIR AND MAKEUP: Justine Alexander MODELS: Ella Jayne Baily at Boss Models, Andrea van der Westhuizen at BossModels PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANT: Remi Mautjana at Cape Collective Assist FASHION ASSISTANT: Raya Rossi…

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rodeo and juliet

PHOTOGRAPHY: AlessandroViero/IMAXtree.com, IMAXtree.com, Armando Grillo/IMAXtree.com, Instagram/_Network, Matteo Volta/IMAXtree.com, Marcus Tondo/IMAXtree.com, Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXtree.com, Instagram/The Yee-Haw Agenda…

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fashion radar?

SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING Sustainability is at the heart of LA brand Reformation, who are investing in green building infrastructure at all their stores to reduce waste, water and energy footprints. NIKE UPCYCLED London-based designer Ancuta Sarca breathes new life into old Nikes by turning running shoes into elegant kitten heels. A sexy and sustainable upgrade? Yes, please. CLEAN SEAS If you’re keen to lend a hand and help minimise the mess around SA’s coast line, Vida e Caffè and The Beach Co-Op are joining forces to help clean up local beaches. For more info on how to get involved in the next clean-up, follow@vidaecaffe_official. PIN GAME Shiny enamels and patches are making a comeback, so why not opt for a cute pin or badge from vintagelover.co.za to freshen up and personalise your looks this spring. STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS To celebrate…

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slow fashion is on the rise

Let’s face it: we all love shopping. But our eternal quest for the latest trend is driving brands to pump out poor-quality catwalk replicas, often in a matter of weeks. ‘Fast fashion’ creates pollution and waste – bad news for our planet. Fortunately, a shift toward ‘slow fashion’ has begun, which focuses on extending the lifespan of a garment through timeless designs and quality craftsmanship, using local and sustainable textiles. In South Africa and abroad, designers are taking sustainable fashion seriously. Supporting this cause by shopping smartly still allows us to indulge and be trendy, without the environmental cost. 10 GUIDELINES FOR GUILT-FREE SHOPPING WITHOUT COMPROMISING ON STYLE 1 Reduce Buy less. Invest in high-quality items that are built to last and one or two high-fashion items that enhance the look. 2 Reuse Support fashion brands like…