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sa’s got talent

I met photographer Trevor Stuurman in 2012, shortly after he became a style reporter. He describes himself as a small-town boy from Kimberley, known for its diamonds – I’d say he’s one of them. I admire Trevor’s visual storytelling, how he documents African culture, and how he’s become a global export of African fashion. Trevor hadn’t photographed media personality and businesswoman Bonang Matheba before, nor had he shot a Glamour cover. On the other hand, Bonang had graced a solo cover before, back in 2014 when she made history as the first black, local star to be on the cover of Glamour South Africa. This year, she launched House of BNG, and received countless awards and industry recognition, both locally and internationally. During the making of this issue, she was in…

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colour study

“There is nothing in the world that is not mysterious, but the mystery is more evident in certain things than in others: in the sea, in the eyes of the elders, in the colour yellow, and music.” – Jorge Luis Borges “Choosing yourself is the greatest love story. You are allowed to keep adding colour to the canvas of possibilities that you are until you like what you see.” – Billy Chapata “There is beauty in identity. There is grace in legacy. There is courage in resilience. Fall in love with your roots. Learn more, share your stories, speak your language, own your truth.” – Trevor Stuurman “Pink is a beautiful colour because it is one of the colours that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.” –…

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to dye for

WORDS BY: Tania Durand PHOTOGRAPHY: Iker Aldama/Indigital.tv, R13/Vogue.com, Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv, Anna Sui/Vogue.com, Alessandro Lucioni/IMAXtree.com, Filippo Fior/IMAXtree.com, Szymon Brzoska/IMAXtree.com, IMAXtree.com…

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what’s on our fashion radar?

CAMP IT UP Rocking the Daisies is stepping it up when it comes to female empowerment. We love that they’re giving female festival-goers the option to camp out at a ladies-only campsite. For more info, visit rockingthedaisies.com. WORK OF ART Stumbling upon Koketit’s Instagram (@koketit) is like falling into a never-ending explore page. Her linework pieces over fashion photography are mesmerising, and she’s collaborated with Roberto Cavalli, Bensimon and H&M. Our eyes are on this illustrator’s work. BEST PRACTISES Want to shop ethically sourced luxury fashion? Net Sustain is a new brand from luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter, which offers consumers the opportunity to shop sustainable products. Twenty-six brands will be launching with them – including Stella McCartney and Veja, who will be creating capsule collections. GOOD JEANS Levi’s launches it’s premium collection, Made & Crafted, for the…

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i’m no stranger to online shopping; in fact, I prefer it. And I know what some of you may be thinking: ‘What about the fit and quality? Are my credit card details safe? Oh, and what if I want to return my goods?’ Online shopping can seem daunting, and these are all valid concerns. I hear you. But please indulge me in hearing out the potential benefits you may experience. Think about it: gone are the days of sitting in traffic on the way to your closest mall, and in-store music played loud enough to induce anxiety and possible hearing impairment. And the best part? Saying goodbye to those mirrors; the ones that always manage to make you question any ounce of self-confidence you may have had. Yes, online shopping is my preferred…

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cast away

HAIR: Helene Marie MAKEUP: Tommy MODEL: Alana Monteiro FASHION ASSISTANT: Casam David FASHION INTERN: Nekisha Carter…