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GLAMOUR South Africa April 2020

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in my skin

My body’s not been the same since childbirth. Nothing can prepare you mentally and physically for what your body goes through during delivery and postpartum. Postnatal depression affects new mothers for this reason. A year later, I’m still getting around to mentally accepting my now curvier body. My coping mechanisms include working on myself internally through yoga, music and spending time with my son. In this issue of Glamour, we talk about mind and body, covering a range of topics that’ll provide you with food for thought. You’ll find informative, feel-good articles to educate and empower you in all kinds of ways. “Nothing can prepare you for what your body goes through during delivery” Our cover star is Connie Ferguson, the powerhouse who found fame on the soap opera Generations. Always poised and immaculately…

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escapeto utopia

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a model example

Fashion model, entrepreneur and creator of Malaville dolls Mala Bryan is a regular feature on runways in South Africa and the rest of the world. Here, she shares her journey into modelling and tips on how to stay in the game. GLAMOUR: Tell us about how your modelling career started. MALA BRYAN: I was discovered at a casting in a store on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, and selected to travel to Paris to compete for a modelling contract, which I won. I chose to begin my modelling career in Miami because it was close to home. GLAMOUR: What d’you wish you’d known at the beginning of your modelling career? MB: I honestly wish I’d known about all the costs involved in starting a modelling career. Before I got my first job, I’d…

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body talk


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what’s on our fashion radar?

BOTANICALLY-INSPIRED We stumbled upon Opus Design studio, and can’t stop thinking about spending all our money on their minimal but magical vases. @opus.design.studio LIGHT UP (HIGH-END CANDLES) When it comes to making a home a home, nothing beats that perfect scent. A firm favourite of ours, these candles are the absolute height of luxury. MORE TO COLOURING IN? Colouring books aren’t just for kids these days. There’s something extremely therapeutic and calming about colouring in, or even outside, the lines. Grab your pens and pencils and give it a go. (The Mindfulness Colouring Book, R185, exclusivebooks.co.za) SA FASHION WEEK Make a note in your fashion calendar because this month, the prestigious SA Fashion Week is taking place in Joburg, from 22 to 25 April 2020. @safashionweek RECYCLE RANGE Sealand gear ticks all our boxes: clean and functional designs in line with…

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serving faces

@myfriendned @thefantasticagency As recently as ten years ago, becoming a model was no easy feat. The list of minimum requirements you’d have to meet to be considered ‘beautiful’ by industry standards was unrealistic. only about 3% of the population fit the brief. And those who cut it would spend years in a permanent state of self-doubt or insecurity, fully furnished with endless diets, and rigorous fitness and skincare regimes, all to maintain the look that got them noticed in the first place. Modelling may seem glamorous on the outside, but in reality, it’s brutal. Over the years, the industry has made concerted efforts to challenge many of the unrealistic beauty ideals that brands have propagated; not only to thwart the culture of body dysmorphia that it’s promoted among models (many of whom starve…