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Guitar Player December 2019

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{from the editor}

IF THERE IS a theme to this issue, it might be reinvention. The four artists in our main features have each released a new album that shows them taking a fresh approach to their music, instruments or career. Reinvention is part of Wilco’s DNA. Jeff Tweedy and company emerged in the 1990’s No Depression alt-country movement, merging country, folk, and rock and roll on early albums like A.M. and Being There before switching into psychedelic rock with Summerteeth. On 2001’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, the musical arrangements became more varied and less predictable, as Tweedy tore away any sense of a cohesive band, preferring to expose the rhythms and disparate musical elements underpinning each song’s structure. The guitarist has continued to confound expectations ever since, bounding from alternative country to alternative and…

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opening notes

Raid Dana’s Gear Stash! Guitar Player sends a big thanks to VHT for offering their V-Drive stomp box to my Gear Stash. It has controls for volume, tone, drive, depth and texture, plus an 11-position select switch with 10 different clipping diode configurations and a clean-boost diode-bypass mode. All these options give you everything from clean boost to creamy-smooth sustain to raging harmonic complexity. For a chance to get the V-Drive on your pedalboard, send an email with “V-Drive” in the subect line to nbmgearcoordinator@gmail.com. Deadline for entries is November 20. It’s been a blast gifting these effect pedals over the past few years, but I’m venturing back to my first and true love: drums and percussion. You can find me on Facebook or on Instagram @DanaParkerDrums. —DANA PARKER Warren Piece I just wanted to…

7 min.
moving on

YOU NEED ONLY check out the music of Scott Henderson to recall why the guitar style known as fusion was so exciting at its inception, back when it was a fresh stew of raw rock and jazz sophistication. Over three decades and almost two dozen recordings, Henderson’s work has preserved all that made fusion great — the sounds, the energy, the harmonic and rhythmic interest — while never descending into the smooth jazz or pointless pyrotechnics that sometimes gave the genre a bad name. With 2015’s Vibe Station, Henderson shifted toward the more complex music he created with the band Tribal Tech. On his new album, People Mover (CD Baby), the guitarist continues in that vein while creating a different texture, thanks in part to his trio’s new rhythm section of…

6 min.
recording angels

THERE ARE DEDICATED music lifers who grind out gig after gig, and then there are musicians who are literally born into the business. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Lillie Mae can lay claim to both. Born with a prodigious musical talent and a busker’s hustle, Lillie Mae Rische could strum a guitar before most kids can write their own names. She honed her chops on the road, traveling with her family in an RV and performing alongside her parents and siblings at churches and makeshift venues around the country. “My style of playing with a pick just developed around playing live,” she says of her early touring days. “I play this way because I couldn’t keep up, or you could never hear it, so you have to play with a pick as opposed to…

8 min.
main squeeze

CHRIS DIFFORD AND Glenn Tilbrook began writing songs together in 1973, after Tilbrook answered Difford’s ad seeking a guitarist for his band. In fact, Difford had no group, but the two men soon formed one together. Squeeze subsequently went on to become the darlings of the U.K.’s late-1970s post-punk scene, thanks to the group’s impressive musical chops and Difford and Tilbrook’s effervescent songwriting. Featuring Difford’s incisive and frequently witty lyrics and Tilbrook’s stylistically varied music, early Squeeze hits like “Cool for Cats,” “Up the Junction” and “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)” showed off their fluency with rock, pop and R&B while they revealed the group’s impressive chops. “Because we were playing as a band before punk reared its head, there’d already been some pivotal moments for us,” Tilbrook relates. “We supported…

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phoenix rising

THIS HAS BEEN a landmark year for Gibson as the company moves forward under new leadership to rebuild its business and reclaim its place as one of the most revered brands in guitar history. Gibson was clearly on a roll at the Winter NAMM show last January, where scads of models were on display in a huge space filled with dealers, music store owners and guitar fans. The recent Summer NAMM show in Gibson’s hometown of Nashville witnessed more of the same, with the launch of the G-45 series acoustics [see review on page 104], the Strings Collection, and new signature models for Sheryl Crow, Vivian Campbell and Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray. Those guitars join tributes to Slash, with an exacting replica of his 1966 Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck [see…