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{ from the editor }

AS WE PREPARED this issue’s salute to 2019, I thought about the stories we’ve covered over the past 12 months. In general, it’s been a great year for music in its many forms. On the bright side, live music is thriving across the country on stages small and large. That’s a good thing, as live performances and merchandise sales are the means by which nearly all artists, established or not, make their living today. But things are looking darker for artists in the recording industry. Although recorded music consumption rose 35.4 percent in 2018 (the most recent year for which numbers exist), album sales fell 18.2 percent and song sales 28.8 percent. Which is certainly why, for me, the Sheryl Crow interview in our December issue is one of the more…

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raid our stash!

This month’s giveaway is a Crazy Tube Circuits Vyagra Boost overdrive pedal. The Vyagra Boost delivers up to 25db of full-range clean boost to make your guitar sound huge. Use it to overdrive your favorite dirt pedal or tube amp, or hit it anytime you need to boost volume for soloing. The footswitchable parametric EQ lets you alter the frequency response +/- 15db from 150 to 1,200 Hz to mimic the tone of a fixed-position wah. To get this box on your pedalboard, send an email with the word “Vyagra” in the subject line to stash.raid@gmail.com. The deadline is January 10, 2020. Note that all gear is “as is.” Gear Up for 2020 with the Ultimate Gear Guide If you’re still looking for that special piece of gear, the brand-new Ultimate Gear Guide…

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JOIN THE GP COMMUNITY! SOUND OFF! GET EXCLUSIVE NEWS. COMMENT. CRITIQUE. SHARE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWSLETTER. FACEBOOK.COM/GUITARPLAYERMAG TWITTER.COM/GUITARPLAYERNOW GUITARPLAYER.COM CHRISTOPHER SCAPELLITI Editor chris.scapelliti@futurenet.com ART THOMPSON Senior Editor arthur.thompson@futurenet.com JUDE GOLD Los Angeles Editor judegold@gmail.com JIMMY LESLIE Frets Editor j@jimmyleslie.com DAVE HUNTER Gear Section & Video Contributor dhunterwordsmusic@yahoo.com ROSIE WEBBER Art Editor rosie.webber@futurenet.com…

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highway star

A SCOTTISH ADAGE states, “The child born on Christmas will have a special fortune.” Steve Wariner is living proof. The Musician’s Hall of Fame in Nashville inducted the four-time Grammy winner on October 22, in recognition of decades of virtuoso guitar playing, singing and songwriting. Although he is a renowned country music legend, Wariner is fundamentally, to turn a phrase, an eclectic electric artist. To borrow the title of his 2011 album, his chart-topping career has been a “guitar laboratory,” with varied styles in the mix. The Hall of Fame accolade comes as Wariner, on his retrospective Back on Life’s Highway tour, approaches his 65th birthday. Although never one to rest on his laurels, he agreed to reflect on his journey thus far. What does the induction mean at this juncture…

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austin power

ADRIAN QUESADA WAS curious the first time Prince’s amplifier showed up onstage next to his rig at the Rio in Las Vegas. A few weeks later, when the Purple One came out to perform with Quesada’s band, Grupo Fantasma, it marked the beginning of a whirlwind that set them continent hopping with the late guitarist. Through Prince originally hired Grupo Fantasma to be the Thursday “Latin Night” talent during his 2007 residency at the Rio, he eventually brought them to gigs like his 21-night stint at London’s O2 Arena, where they performed as his opening act and after-party talent. “Me and [Grupo co-guitarist] Beto Martinez would do these three-guitar rhythm jams with Prince,” Quesada says. “On cue, he would stop the band, start playing something on rhythm and point at us. It’s…

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my life in five riffs

MOLLY TUTTLE’S SONGWRITING and guitar playing are rooted in the bluegrass she grew up on, which she took to Berklee College of Music and developed into her own style. As much a student of theory as technique, she studied chord structures alongside flatpicking, crosspicking and clawhammer playing. Tuttle dug back to her roots to pull out five compositions that showcase her mastery of the instrument. These are the riffs that inspired her guitar playing. “ANNABELLE” GILLIAN WELCH WITH DAVID RAWLINGS “I’m a huge Gillian Welch fan. I discovered her music when I was a teenager and at the same time fell in love with David Rawlings’ guitar playing. He really takes risks with tensions and notes that aren’t in chord tones, which I love. He uses intervals — like minor seconds and fourths…