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how the show goes on

IT WAS OCTOBER 2019 when we planned this issue’s cover feature with Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. We were younger, freer, and “Lockdown” was just a great song from Johnny Marr’s 2013 debut solo album. Our cover story was timed to coincide with the release of Weezer’s new album, Van Weezer, and the launch of the group’s Hella Mega world tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Little did we know it would all come to a crashing halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Rivers himself seemed confident the tour would continue as planned when we interviewed him in March, but as we close this issue in early April, the likelihood of that happening is nil. On the bright side, Van Weezer is on track for release, and we have a great…

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opening notes

Raid Our Stash! The Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz can produce searing octave-fuzz effects and plenty of other shades of clipped-transistor grind courtesy of its extreme gain, quartet of controls and hugely effective Fat-Sculpt switch, which scoops mids in the latter position while boosting bass and treble for badass metal tone. From buzzy, early ’60s fuzz sounds to bizarre ring-modulator textures, it’s all possible with the Eisenhower’s highly effective control set. To get this on your pedalboard, send an email with the word “Eisenhower” in the subject line to stash.raid@gmail.com, and you just might win! The deadline is June 1, 2020. All gear is “as is.” Turn Up the Mike What a fantastic issue! I’m a huge Mike Campbell fan, so this was easily one of my favorite Guitar Player issues of all time! I loved…

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gilded splinters

DON MOSER AND MASTER luthier Bill Asher may have built the Night Tripper guitar, but it’s inhabited by the spirit of Malcolm John Rebennack Jr., the musician, songwriter, performer, producer and six-time Grammy winner better known as Dr. John the Night Tripper, who passed away on June 6, 2019. Moser and Asher brought their talents to bear on a one-of-a-kind guitar befitting the late musician’s elaborate “voodoo medicine” costumes and headdresses, as seen on the cover of Remedies from 1970. The Night Tripper sports Moser’s ornate metalwork, which is reflective of his other highly decorative instruments that honor African-American folk and blues and give people what he calls “a peek inside the supernatural world” through their voodoo imagery. Moser’s guitars are celebrated works, some of which reside in Cleveland’s Rock…

7 min.
beyond standard

IN THE SAME way that many boomers can remember the first time they saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, Los Angeles–based guitarist and singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham recalls exactly where she was when she discovered the band. Her experience was a bit different though. Cunningham grew up listening to and playing contemporary Christian music. By the time she learned about the Fab Four, their music had been absorbed into the very fabric of the culture, like traditional songs sung in a variety of voices across the genres. “I didn’t ever really hear the Beatles until I was graduating high school and a friend gave me Abbey Road,” Cunningham recalls. “My mind was seriously blown. I had been hearing these songs over the speakers of stores and restaurants for years. To…

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beyond words

“BEST OF” COLLECTIONS are, by nature, anthologies. One exception is Tommy Emmanuel’s latest release, The Best of Tommysongs (Cruzen Street). “This is not an anthology,” the master guitarist insists. “It’s a presentation of my songwriting and how it has evolved over the years.” Far from simply collecting the finest tracks from Emmanuel’s 41-year recording career, The Best of Tommysongs features five new compositions, including his latest single, “Fuel,” plus a trunkful of fresh takes on his past tunes, such as “Lewis & Clark,” “Train to Dusseldorf” and “Drivetime.” The new recordings reflect how Emmanuel has transformed the tunes through years of repeat performances, as they’ve become part of his repertoire and as he has developed as a guitarist and interpreter of his own work. In that respect, The Best of Tommysongs…