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in the studio with

ARTURO CORREA At his new studio in Bonita Springs, the Venezuelan-born artist reaches new heights. By Stephanie GranadaPhotography by Erik Kellar Everything in Arturo Correa’s work can be traced back to a moment in time: Various flower-printed canvases point back to 2001, when the Twin Towers fell in New York. At the time, Correa was poised to present at an illustrious gallery in the city, when “everything came crashing down,” he says. He thought he’d stop painting then. Feeling discouraged, he started throwing paint at the leftover canvases and noticed outlines of flowers began to appear. He traced the floral forms in black charcoal and titled the new works From Chaos to Flowers. “Every time you see flowers in my work, it goes back to that—I remember there are flowers in the chaos.” Most…

8 min.
room of one’s own

If space has always been important in real estate, in the last year since the onset of COVID-19, it has become everything and more. Nowhere is this truer than in Collier County, where access to downtown Naples competes with elbow room—private elbow room, meaning that there has been a turning away from gated communities, where things can get a little close. Jose Cintron, president of Cintron Custom Builders, has seen the shift firsthand. “For my tastes, there are three places: Pine Ridge, Livingston Woods and the Oakes Estates,” he says. This trio of non-gated luxury communities—which Cintron notes in descending order of location desirability—are hotter than ever due to their high acreage and lack of shared space. At the highest level—Pine Ridge—one acre of land sells for $1 million, maybe $1.2…

4 min.
all in the details

Infinity Porcelain “Everyone wants the marble look, but not the maintenance,” Tricia Maloney, UMI Stone’s marketing liaison, says. “That is why porcelain is a great alternative.” The new frontier for sleek surfaces, a porcelain by Infinity mimics the intricate veining found in natural marble by using what the manufacturer calls Natura-Vein™ Tech, which gives slabs an organic stone look. “This special technology makes it possible to achieve the perfect consistency between the surface and the body by passing through the full thickness of the slab,” Maloney says. Infinity specializes in high quality, large porcelain slabs (we’re talking 50-square-foot pieces) that are remarkably durable. As UMI’s latest product offering, the Italian-made stone can be used for different purposes, from expansive kitchen islands to dramatic backdrops. It can be applied to walls, transformed…

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all that glitters

When you have beautiful views of the tranquil waters surrounding Marco Island, it’s easy to ignore the interior design of your home. You could just go on autopilot and pull together a Tommy Bahama look or accept some matching sets from a national furniture chain and be content to stare out the window. This condo was designed to be a romantic retreat for the former high school sweethearts. While elegance and style was a priority, the couple, who has numerous grandkids, did not want the space to be off-putting or too formal. Homeowner Lora Bull says they wanted a place where you would be equally comfortable having an elegant dinner party or lounging around in beachwear. “Our primary goal was to create a sophisticated, yet functional, look for our home,” homeowner Robert…

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a place in the sun

For a place to unwind and soak up nature’s positive energy, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect getaway than this 8,800-square-foot beachfront cottage on Sanibel Island. Every element of the home—which is charmingly adorned with balconies and window seats—was carefully thought out to create a slice of heaven for its owners, who are originally from the Midwest and currently live in Maryland most of the year. Consider the details at first glance when you look at the exterior, where the shutters, soffits, corbels and all trim work are made of sturdy mahogany and the sconces are shaped like pineapples, the nearly universal symbol of hospitality. It’s a welcoming space through and through, and sure to be one of the standard-bearers of the barrier island for decades to come. Longevity is what…

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it’s personal

The well-designed life can take many forms. At the core, there’s the idea of being intentional with our surrounding spaces. Naples designer Richard Geary knows this well. His home (p. 154), serves as a livable showroom of the modernist’s globe-trotting life and curious mind. A handsome wood-and-glass display case in his living room speaks to his experimentations in crafting pared-down furnishings that directly reflect their purposes. Inside, drawers hold clusters of shells the avid collector has acquired from around the world. His reproduction of Gerrit Rietveld’s Red and Blue Chair (seen above) stands in a nearby room. Nearly every furnishing in the home was made by him in the workshop out back, near where his wife also creates the pottery that fills their home. Geary takes the notion of bespoke living to…