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Going shopping, then what’s in your basket this week? According to the Office for National Statistics (the ONS), one thing we seem to be buying less of, alongside dried dog food and complete crockery sets, are what it describes as ‘Audio Systems’. But should we audiophiles be worried at a further erosion in our status? Not a bit of it! Looking through the snappilytitled ‘Consumer price inflation basket of goods and services for 2019’ and comparing this with the same tome for 2018, 2017, etc, it’s clear how the rise and rise of online consumerism, and the invasion of connected technologies into every quarter of our lives, is having a real impact on our choice of, well, everything. For example, I see that crackers have now been dropped in favour of quiche…

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high voltage trio

German high-end manufacturer T+A calls its HV components ‘the finest and most sophisticated range of equipment’ it has ever developed and produced. (HV stands for high voltage, a principal feature of the range being its use of preamplifier stages that operate from uncommonly high PSU rail voltages.) Three more items have now been added to the HV lineup: the PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD transport (£13,996), the SD 3100 HV DAC and streamer (£21,990), and the SDV 3100 HV DAC and streamer with analogue volume control (£23,400). The toploading PTD 3100 HV plays both CD and SACD, with the discs located by an antiresonance puck. As well as standard S/PDIF and balanced AES/EBU digital outputs, it features T+A’s proprietary IPA Link. This interface is capable of passing PCM and DSD data plus…

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atc’s classic pair

ATC, best known for its range of domestic and professional loudspeakers [see HFN Apr ’19], has added two items to its lineup of electronics separates: the CD2 CD player and SIA2-100 integrated amp/DAC. The CD2 includes both single-ended (RCA) and balanced outputs (XLR), plus S/PDIF digital outputs via Toslink and coaxial connectors, and a front-panel headphone outlet. Slot-loading has been rejected in favour of a conventional tray transport sourced from Teac. The larger but entirely harmoniously styled SIA2-100 amplifier is rated at 100W/8ohm while its DAC section is said to be compatible with 384kHz PCM and DSD128. Prices are £1500 and £2500, respectively. Loudspeaker Technology Ltd, Gloucestershire, UK, 01285 760561; www.atcloudspeakers.co.uk…

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hi-fi news’ nuggets

OPTICAL PLATFORM Remember when it was a popular system tweak to replace flimsy removable headshells with the solid cast magnesium item from ADC? Well, Japanese optical cartridge manufacturer DS Audio [see p54] has revived the idea with its HS-001 retro-fit headshell. Machined from a solid billet of aluminium alloy, the HS-001 includes Litz wire leads and stainless steel cartridge bolts. The price is a heady £400. www.ds-audio-w.biz SYSTEM TUNING Need a helping hand setting up your system? Nordost has introduced its ‘System Solution Set-Up’ and ‘Tuning’ discs, a two-CD package of ‘diagnostic tracks, calibration tools, and system conditioning aids’ which replaces the previous one-disc item. Alongside the likes of channel identity, phase check and frequency sweep test tracks are selected musical items recorded using Nordost cables. Price in the US is $40. www.nordost.com…

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premium vinyl

TechDAS has introduced an enhanced version of its Air Force III turntable [HFN Sep ’16], the £29,998 III Premium. Refinements include a heavier, gold-plated gunmetal platter plus a revised air bearing and enhanced suspension system adapted to accommodate the 29kg mass. There’s now provision for separate air pumps for the air bearing and vacuum systems, and a new PSU feeding improved electronics which increase motor torque. As before, drive is conveyed by a polished, ‘non-flexible’ polyurethane fibre belt and the III Premium offers two operating speeds – 33.33 and 45rpm. Because of the range of changes, no upgrade is possible for owners of the standard Air Force III. Stella Inc., Tokyo, Japan, 0208 971 3909; www.techdas.jp; www.absolutesounds.com…

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horns of hi-fi legend

Few loudspeakers have proved as perennial as the Klipsch La Scala – the ‘mini Klipschorn’ – first introduced in 1963 and now, in its latest AL5 variant, on sale in the UK again for £12,000 a pair. Melding classic Klipsch horn design with modern drive unit technology, the AL5 retains familiar La Scala features, particularly the two-part construction with lower two-fold bass horn, now hiding a 15in fibre-composite cone driver. Above, there’s a separate mid/treble section that hosts a new 1in ‘K-771’ tweeter with polyimide diaphragm and tractrix horn. This is mated to an exponential midrange horn with a 2in ‘K-55-X’ phenolic diaphragm compression driver. Claimed sensitivity is 105dB and the birch ply/MDF cabinet is available in a choice of natural cherry, satin black ash or American walnut finishes. Klipsch Group,…