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A couple of months ago I suggested that pursuing a ‘one size fits all’ hi-fi system was a mighty difficult proposition. I wasn’t just talking about big systems for big rooms, or vice-versa, but the fact that we’ve all heard different systems that do different things very well, but very few systems that deliver everything for every listener. Mixed in with this is the idea that ‘technical accuracy’ can somehow define a system’s ability to recreate a convincing musical event. Believe me–having measured literally thousands of separates in several decades at the lab bench–I know it cannot. At least, not yet. Yes, the uniquely in-depth test work that underpins all Hi-Fi News reviews does allow us to prove the truthfulness of a product’s specification and, often, gauge its compatibility with likely partnering…

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hi-fi news’ expert line up: the finest minds in audio journalism bring their experience to bear on all areas of hi-fi & music

BARRY FOX Investigative journalist supreme, Barry is the first with news of the latest developments in hi-fi and music technologies DAVID PRICE An avid collector of audio treasures, and life-long hi-fi addict, DP lends his ears and experience from analogue to digital KEN KESSLER is a long-serving contributor, luxury goods writer and champion for the renaissance in valves and ‘vintage hi-fi ’ KEITH HOWARD has written about hi-fi for 40 years, and edited Hi-Fi Answers for nine. KH performs our speaker and headphone lab tests STEVE HARRIS Former Editor of this very title from 1986 through to 2005. A lifetime in audio and a love of jazz makes Steve a goldmine ANDREW EVERARD has reviewed hi-fi for over 30 years and is still effortlessly enthusiastic about new technology, kit and discovering new music STEVE SUTHERLAND worked…

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B&W evolves B&W LAUNCHES FIVE-MODEL FORMATION SUITE OF WIRELESS AUDIO PRODUCTS Three years on from B&W’s acquisition by Silicon Valley company EVA Automation we have the first indication of how one of the UK’s most successful and revered hi-fi brands will be developed. Central theme of the new five-product Formation Suite is high-quality wireless interconnection capable of 96kHz/24-bit resolution. The suite comprises a wireless audio hub called the Formation Audio (£600), and a one-box, five-driver wireless music system called the Formation Wedge (£900). This includes five channels of internal amplification, housed in a distinctive ‘curved elliptical’ enclosure with faceted grille. The Formation Bass (£900) is an opposed-driver subwoofer with integral 250W Class D amplifier and DSP-applied dynamic EQ (building on the legacy of B&W’s spherical PV1) while the Formation Bar (£1000) is a…

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audio show 2019, portugal

Held over the first weekend in March, 2019 saw a change of location for the Audio Show, its organisers moving the event from the palatial Pestana Palace, which has hosted the event for the past four years, to two of Lisbon’s premium five-star hotels–the Ritz and the Intercontinental–both located right in the heart of the Portuguese capital. All available space was taken up by exhibitors at both hotels, the rooms in the new venues offering excellent acoustics–the Ritz boasting walls lined with exotic woods–much to the appreciation of the near 3000 visitors who attended the show over the three days. Pro-Ject’s 2Xperience Acryl turntable is a special version of the company’s popular 2Xperience SB model with a chassis made from Perspex. Here’s it’s equipped with an S-shaped 9in tonearm made from aluminium.…

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know your transformers

There isn’t much in a modern hi-fi system that would be familiar to the great 19th century English physicist Michael Faraday. But a time-travelling Faraday–bemused by radio frequency communication, lasers and sound reproduction in general–would find something reassuringly familiar in the transformer. For it was he who first demonstrated that electromagnetic induction can be used to link one electrical circuit to another. Most items of mains-powered audio equipment contain a mains transformer, and some other items–albeit fewer than five decades ago–contain signal transformers also, usually at their input or output. Transformers in analogue signal paths tend to be frowned upon today, with differential amplifiers used in preference. But the vast majority of valve (tube) power amplifiers have an output transformer–OTL (output transformerless) valve amps have always been an exotic rarity. ‘Transformers are…

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nad m10

No-one could ever accuse NAD of lacking ambition. Alongside its acclaimed core range, on which the company has built its reputation over the past four decades, it also has its Masters series of high-end components, several of which have been reviewed favourably in these pages in the past, including the EISA Award-winning M32 integrated amp–sorry, ‘DirectDigital DAC/Amplifier’–[HFN Jul ’18]. What’s perhaps more of a surprise is that the company’s first all-in-one system supporting parent company Lenbrook’s BluOS multiroom audio protocol is not a mainstream NAD product, but sits firmly in the Masters camp. The £2199 M10 may be compact–it’s 21.5cm wide, not much deeper and stands 10cm tall–but it carries that ‘M’ model number rather than the Cs and Ds found further down the range. It also comes clad in a particularly…