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Since its launch in June 1956 - two years before the commercial realisation of stereo - Hi-Fi News & Record Review has been delivering insightful reviews of the key products and technologies that lie behind our shared hobby... the passion of listening to music on the very best equipment available to the enthusiast. Every issue, Hi-Fi News delivers uniquely in-depth reviews of high-end audio equipment, including the best in vinyl replay and iconic vintage gear from the early days of audio. It is essential reading for all music enthusiasts.

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patented science. observable measurements. definitive results.

SHUNYATA RESEARCH: US PATENTS Method to reduce distortion in an audio cable using ferroelectric substances. Patent Number: US 6,545,213 Method to eliminate RFI, EMI and other interference in a power supply. Patent Number: US 7,196,892 Power conditioner that actively corrects A.C. line harmonic distortion. Patent Number: US 7,256,638 Cable elevator that neutralizes static electric interference. Patent Number: US 7,694,917 Device that reduces AC power line noise using ferroelectric substances. Patent Number: US 8,658,892 Method to reduce dielectric distortion in signal transmission cables. Patent Number: US 8,912,436 Method to improve instantaneous current delivery in an AC to DC power supply. Patent Number: 10,031,536 Distributed in The UK and Ireland by The Shunyata Distribution Company Guillaume Boyer // t. 0330 223 3769 // shunyata-uk.com…

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Browsing through this latest issue, I must say I’ve never seen so many red ‘Outstanding’ badges gleaming from our review pages. So have we gone soft? Not at all – I’m often asked how we decide what products make the cut, and which end up, instead, on the cutting room floor. We focus on the best for good reason – each of our three or four page reviews involves a significant investment in lab testing, photography and listening so there’s little value to our readers in committing this resource to so-so products. We have some crackers this month! Meanwhile, writing this latest ‘Welcome’, I was inevitably drawn to TV coverage of Royal Ascot – the Golden Cup day, and spectacular millinery, being rewarded with a much-needed ray of sunshine. Now I confess…

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hi-fi news’ expert line up: the finest minds in audio journalism bring their experience to bear on all areas of hi-fi & music

BARRY FOX Investigative journalist supreme, Barry is the first with news of the latest developments in hi-fi and music technologies DAVID PRICE An avid collector of audio treasures, and life-long hi-fi addict, DP lends his ears and experience from analogue to digital KEN KESSLER is a long-serving contributor, luxury goods writer and champion for the renaissance in valves and ‘vintage hi-fi’ KEITH HOWARD has written about hi-fi for 40 years, and edited Hi-Fi Answers for nine. KH performs our speaker and headphone lab tests STEVE HARRIS Former Editor of this very title from 1986 through to 2005. A lifetime in audio and a love of jazz makes Steve a goldmine ANDREW EVERARD has reviewed hi-fi for over 30 years and is still effortlessly enthusiastic about new technology, kit and discovering new music STEVE SUTHERLAND worked on…

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sme model 12a

SME has added a new entry-level model to its range of turntables. With a design clearly echoing the Synergy [HFN Mar'19], the 12A comes as standard fitted with SME’s 309 tonearm but buyers can choose to upgrade to a Series IV or V alternative instead. Three paint finishes are available: traditional SME black, dark grey and dark blue. Key structural features are a main chassis and subchassis CNCmachined from solid billets of aluminium alloy atop which is a 4.6kg platter. This is also machined from aluminium, with a diamond-turned scroll finish on the upper surface and chrome-plated record clamp – the combination ensuring intimate contact between the platter and even warped discs. Integral damping quells platter resonances while polymer isolators ors within in the four adjustable feet et ensure that the…

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intro for integra

Avid HiFi has doubled the number of integrated amplifiers its sells by introducing the £7000 Integra, sibling to the almost-twice-the-price Sigsum. Despite the significant price saving, Avid says that its new ‘entry-level’ design espouses the same design philosophy and emphasis on sound quality. The 25kg Integra offers a switchable gain MM/MC phono input – derived from Avid’s Pellar phono preamp – alongside four unbalanced line-level inputs, and is rated to deliver 90W/8ohm. Much of the reason for its weight lies in the substantial unregulated power supply, which marries a 750VA transformer with an impressive total of 80,000μF of reservoir capacitance. Avid Hi-Fi Ltd, 01480 869900; www.avidhifi.co.uk…

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hi-fi news’ nuggets

WHARFEDALE LINTON Wharfedale has revived another name from its illustrious past by introducing the £1000 Linton, a three-way standmount. It joins the Heritage Series, which reinvents classic Wharfedale designs using modern materials and design tools. Drivers comprise a 200mm bass unit and 135mm midrange, both with woven Kevlar cones, and a 25mm fabric dome tweeter. Appropriately, the cabinet is available in mahogany or walnut finishes. Also available at £280 a pair – or for an overall price of £1100 – is a dedicated metal stand which doubles as LP storage. www.wharfedale.co.uk BLOK FURNITURE Monitor Audio has purchased the audio furniture manufacturer Blok, which like MA is headquartered in Essex. As the existing owner of Roksan, Monitor Audio looks to be growing its business to offer complete audio systems of complementary design. www.monitoraudio.com…