Hi Fi News April 2021

Since its launch in June 1956 - two years before the commercial realisation of stereo - Hi-Fi News & Record Review has been delivering insightful reviews of the key products and technologies that lie behind our shared hobby... the passion of listening to music on the very best equipment available to the enthusiast. Every issue, Hi-Fi News delivers uniquely in-depth reviews of high-end audio equipment, including the best in vinyl replay and iconic vintage gear from the early days of audio. It is essential reading for all music enthusiasts.

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Are you a one-brand audiophile or are you tempted to ‘mix it up’ and combine seemingly disparate products in the quest for a sound that’s mightier than its parts? Judging by our postbag, and bearing in mind that our in-depth reviews predominantly focus on singular items, a pre/power combo or perhaps a turntable with arm and cartridge, then, yes, I’d hazard a guess that most of us are enjoying great music from a diverse pool of separates. At one time there were axes of cooperation between brands, the most enduring of which was the partnering of a Linn LP12 turntable and its Kan, Sara or Isobarik speakers with Naim electronics. Those days are long gone. Arguably, the closest we have now to ‘tried-and-tested’ systems are those formulated by distributors and dealers…

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hi-fi news’ expert line up: the finest minds in audio journalism bring their experience to bear on all areas of hi-fi & music

BARRY FOX Investigative journalist supreme, Barry is the first with news of the latest developments in hi-fi and music technologies DAVID PRICE An avid collector of audio treasures, and life-long hi-fi addict, DP lends his ears and experience from analogue to digital KEN KESSLER is a long-serving contributor, luxury goods writer and champion for the renaissance in valves and ‘vintage hi-fi ’ MARK CRAVEN Editor of our sister title Home Cinema Choice, Mark’s passion for music extends from stereo to multichannel and Dolby Atmos STEVE HARRIS Former Editor of this very title from 1986 through to 2005. A lifetime in audio and a love of jazz makes Steve a goldmine ANDREW EVERARD has reviewed hi-fi for over 30 years and is still effortlessly enthusiastic about new technology, kit and discovering new music STEVE SUTHERLAND Editor of…

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copland flagship

HYBRID TRIODE/MOSFET AMP The newest model in Copland’s CSA range of tube/solid-state integrated amplifiers, the £4988 CSA150 increases its output over last year’s CSA100 [HFN Aug ’20] to a claimed 2x150W/8ohm, and, says the Danish marque, offers ‘a delicious combination of power, drive, free-breathing dynamics and natural tonality’. Also a hybrid in terms of its connectivity, the CSA150 features a headphone output plus USB-B, coaxial and two optical digital inputs, balanced XLR and three unbalanced RCA line ins and MM phono. System expansion comes via its tape input/output and analogue pre-out – it can also be fitted with an optional £198 aptX HD Bluetooth module. Digital-to-analogue conversion is handled by a 32-bit ES9018 quad-mono DAC. The CSA150 is available now in black or silver finishes, and Copland will complete the range…

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super audio mac

A CD/SACD player doubling as a standalone DAC – and promising ‘McIntosh sound from everyday digital devices’ – the MCD85 has been launched as a suggested partner to the American audio marque’s MC830 mono amplifier and C8 tube preamp, courtesy of the same mirror-finished, bevel-fronted chassis and compact dimensions. A die-cast disc tray (with a custom ‘nose’ to maintain the player’s angled fascia) feeds a twin-laser optical pick-up with 2x read speed and buffer memory to aid error correction. Outboard digital sources are accommodated by its dual-differential (eight-channel) DAC and S/PDIF and USB-B inputs, the latter supporting DSD256 and DXD. Hand-built at McIntosh’s New York facility, the MCD85 has a UK price of £4995 and begins shipping this March. McIntosh Laboratory Inc, 01592 744710; www.mcintoshlabs.com; www.finesounds.uk…

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hi-fi news' nuggets

SENNHEISER SELLS Known by all audiophiles for its class-leading hi-fi headphones, Sennheiser has announced a ‘repositioning of its business units’, focusing on its Pro Audio, Business Communications and Neumann divisions while looking for a partner to ‘invest in our Consumer business’. ‘A unique sound experience is at the heart of the purchasing decision for our customers in the Premium Headphones, Enhanced Hearing, Audiophile and Soundbar segments’, says Co-CEO of the 75-year-old brand, Daniel Sennheiser. ‘These are the strengths that we want to work with a partner to build upon.’ www.sennheiser.com ETHER PADS Dan Clark Audio’s planar magnetic Ether 2 headphones [HFN Jul ’19] are now being offered as a ‘system package’ to include all three (original, perforated and microfibre suede) earpads for £2170. Each pad offers its own distinct ‘voice’ and fit to suit…

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focal’s crown

Described as a ‘luxury mobile’ headphone – although not a wireless design – Focal’s new £999 Celestee debuts a navy blue/soft copper colour scheme that the French brand believes exemplifies its ‘unique savoir faire’. The 35ohm impedance rating is aimed at portable audio players, as is the supplied 1.2m mini-jack cable – a 6.35mm adapter is included in the Celestee’s colour-matched woven carry case. Each closed-back cup features an aniline leather earpad and houses a 40mm M-shaped aluminium/magnesium driver in an acoustically treated chamber. The performance promise is of ‘incredible bass extension and tonal balance unrivalled in their category’. Focal-JMlab, France, 0845 660 2680; www.focal.com…