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HOW TO MEDICATE YOUR PET WITH CANNABIS When your four-legged friend gets sick, it can be a very difficult situation. Vets generally want to put pets on pharmaceuticals, which can have dangerous side effects. Fortunately, there is a nontoxic substance readily available that can offer relief from pain with virtually no side effects at all! Animal owners are increasingly gravitating toward cannabis wellness products to improve their pet’s quality of life, as pot has proven to be a safe and effective alternative to pharmaceuticals. It’s also often cheaper, which is particularly helpful if your pet is going to need lifelong care. While cannabis is an elegant solution to many pet ailments, dosing is important. There are many companies that are creating CBD-based treats for animals in pain. You can learn more…

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@PercysGrowRoom: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag I love talking about weed, allllll the time, what better way is there than run a weed forum lol;) @KentHaehl: This research suggests that #hemp protein can lower high blood pressure caused by hypertension. Hopefully, this is another step toward putting control over treatment back in the hands of patients. @High_Times_Mag @cannabiscuriou1: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag Much needed change with all professional sports. The medical benefits of THC and CBD for managing pain and muscle recovery are well proven @ChiefPrinceAdam: @HIGH_ TIMES_Mag With Prince and others passing away because of Fentanyl laced pills, I support medical marijuana 100%. It saves lives. Cultivate the minds of the youth before it’s too late. @chefcarosi: @HIGH_TIMES_Mag As an agricultural crop we should see it everywhere you see parsley amd carrots… alcohol alters your minds state, and…

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THE CANNABIS WORLD is constantly evolving. Genetics change to better meet the tastes of consumers, products are tailored to accommodate customers and laws change to better reflect the growing acceptance of marijuana. Last year, in our inaugural HT 100 issue, we expounded on the advancements made in the marijuana industry, including 29 states and the District of Columbia going medical and nine states enacting full adult-use laws. Since then, we’re up to 33 and 10 (and DC), respectively, plus Canada has gone full rec and the US has legalized hemp, unleashing another billion-dollar industry. The High Times 100 celebrates the people shaping the cannabis world. The individuals listed in this issue are helping guide the laws, products, businesses and genetics that are advancing cannabis. Learn more about the most influential people…

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WHEN NEW JERSEY Governor Phil Murphy was elected in 2017, he vowed to legalize marijuana for adult use within his first 100 days in office. Those days came and went, then a full year passed, while little progress was being made toward a legalized market. Now, after yet another round of negotiations, the New Jersey chief executive and his ongoing foil in the matter, Senate President Stephen Sweeney, appear to agree in principle to resolve the thorniest issues that have vexed the process—namely taxes (how much?) and the cannabis regulatory board (who controls it?). If the Murphy-Sweeney agreement survives, weed will be taxed at $42 per ounce, regardless of the market price. Originally, Sweeney was for a 12 percent tax, while Murphy wanted 25 percent, but the lawmakers decided that a fixed…

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GOVERNMENT The federal government will, of course, have restrictions on hemp production. The feds will monitor the THC content of legal hemp, and if the plants come in at more than 0.3 percent THC, they will be considered cannabis, and therefore outside the protection of the Farm Bill. Also, state and federal governments will share regulatory duties regarding hemp production. States that wish to license and regulate hemp must submit a plan for approval by the USDA. If a state doesn’t receive approval for a regulatory plan, cultivators will have to follow the federal program. FARMERS Because hemp cultivation has been outlawed for so long in the United States, some farmers will need to learn the ins and outs of their new crop (for example, the maximum permitted THC levels for hemp). However,…