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high time

◗ MARIJUANA & MENTAL HEALTH While cannabis advocates maintain that marijuana is safe and effective medicine, naysayers point to a lack of scientific research and FDA approvals. Of course, any lack of research is directly caused by the government’s irrational scheduling of cannabis, which puts the plant in the most restricted category of the Controlled Substances Act. However, people have been using marijuana for thousands of years and anecdotal evidence supporting its efficacy in treating numerous conditions abounds. Our new series of articles, “Mental Health and Cannabis,” looks at how marijuana works with different medical conditions by exploring the available scientific research as well as anecdotal evidence. The series kicks off with a discussion about pot and posttraumatic stress disorder. Read more about how veterans are treating symptoms of PTSD and…

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a day for dabs

AS MOST READERS ALREADY KNOW, July 10 has become the official day for celebrating concentrates. Yet while 4/20 has an intriguing origin story that even involves the Grateful Dead, 7/10 was chosen as the date for dabs simply because the numbers resemble the world “OIL” upside down. Nonetheless here we find ourselves, once again celebrating concentrated cannabis (to be honest, we do this pretty regularly at the High Times office). This year, we’re reflecting on the incredible innovations we’ve seen in the world of extracts, as concentrates become a bigger and bigger part of mainstream marijuana use. Vape pens in particular have taken the world by storm. But as consumer tastes and production techniques evolve, we’re seeing higher quality concentrates filling the average pen. Soon, cheap distillate flavored with food-derived…

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contact high

SUPER SATIVA SEED CLUB Back in 1985, SSSC became one of the first bud breeders to make their genetics available to the public. Now they’re back with strains made from combining old-school genetics with new varieties. Their creeper sativa strain, Frosty Friday, tastes amazing and produces large yields of hash. Learn more about the return of SSSC on page 64. Photo courtesy of SSSC. MASTER OF HASH Expert hashmaker Frenchy Cannoli emphasizes terroir (taste of place) for the cannabis he uses to make his concentrates, as well as eco-friendly, sustainable farming. Learn more about his hashmaking techniques and philosophy on page 44. Photo by Mme Cannoli ED ROSENTHAL ON NUTRIENTS Feeding your plants properly is the key to successful harvests of clean-burning flavorful cannabis. Legendary grow guru and cultivation author Ed Rosenthal…

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pot is in play for the nfl

PIERS MORGAN PUFFS WITH MIKE TYSON! THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL League is approaching a crossroads. The famously staid organization has agreed to investigate medical cannabis as a painkiller alternative for its famously pain-filled employees, the players. The league and the players’ union, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), agreed to form two medical committees that will, among other issues, look into marijuana as a pain-management tool. One committee will focus on killing pain, the other on behavioral and mental-health care. The former will almost certainly embrace CBD, long banned in the league, as a healthier alternative to dangerous painkillers like opioids, which are prevalent in the league. As the NFL put it (without mentioning the word “marijuana”), the pain-management committee “will establish uniform standards for club practices and policies regarding pain management and the use…

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super stoned

DON’T PANIC As THC levels continue to rise, it’s easy to get a little bit too high. Concentrates and edibles in particular can catch less-experienced cannabis consumers off guard. The most important thing you can do is simply not panic. Even though being too high can be unsettling, everything is going to be okay. Remember, no one has ever died of a pot overdose in the history of the world. Your symptoms will pass with time. Be cool. Do your best to direct your thoughts away from the symptoms. DRINK AND EAT You should always be sure to hydrate! Drink water, a pleasant juice or another beverage. However, it’s important to avoid alcohol, which studies have shown to increase THC blood concentrations—booze is likely only to make things worse. You should also steer…

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tsa: cbd ok

It’s never a good idea to pack weed when you fly, but the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is lightening up on the rules slightly, allowing that “products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are legal as long as it is produced within the regulations defined by the law.” Of course, most other forms of weed are verboten, even though the TSA says its officers “do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs.” That makes the TSA sound much cooler than it is, because if they do stumble upon your stash, however inadvertently, they still narc on you to the nearest law-enforcement officer. Because the easing of restrictions is only for hemp-derived CBD—and must meet criteria set by the 2018 Farm Bill—we can expect some…