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the diversity of dank

“The questions concerning the origin of a given cultivated plant—how it became cultivated, where its original native land was, where the sources of the development of varieties were found, and where the clues to the wealth of forms could be discovered—are not only of general importance for explaining the historical destiny of people, but also of actual and practical importance for the present agronomical work toward the exploration of varieties for plant breeding.” NIKOLAI VAVILOV THE RUSSIAN PLANT GENETICIST quoted above is considered the godfather of biodiversity. His groundbreaking discoveries in the early part of the 20th century, which included naming the subspecies Cannabis afghanica in the 1920s, pioneered the collection and breeding of crops with immunities to pests and diseases as well as tolerance for harsh growing conditions. Above all,…

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Grow Fan I am a medical marijuana patient of 11 years and I grow my own medicine. I learned everything I know about growing from your magazine. Without you guys and girls I’d be lost. I am forever grateful for every page in your magazine. I am from way up in Northern Ontario, Canada, where it gets -45ºC. But it’s always warm and sunny indoors! Roy Ontario, Canada State Unfair I am a longtime home grower in Massachusetts. Recently I left my career in tech to see if I could make a go in the new, exciting cannabis industry. Well, after eight months of low pay and no [sign] of advancing and making the kind of money I need to survive, I was forced to go back to tech. From talking to a lot of…

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contact high

TOP 10 STRAINS OF 2019 Our senior cultivation editor Danny Danko circumnavigates the globe looking for the best weed on Earth, such as this PuTang from Mass Medical Strains. Find out what other varieties earned the right to be listed as our Top 10 Strains of 2019 on page 62. LIGHTING GUIDE With many options to choose from, understanding Indoor grow lighting becomes one of the most important factors to a successful cultivation operation. Learn the different lighting options, as well as the pros and cons of different set ups, so you can choose the best lights for your space. Read more on page 78. HAPPY HOLIDAZE! Cannabis is renowned for bringing people together. So, here’s to celebrating and sharing fine cannabis flowers with friends and family this festive season, from your buds at High…

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unintended consequences

WHEN THE GREAT state of Texas legalized hemp production earlier this year, it looked like the cannabidiol (CBD) industry would get a major boost. The Republican-dominated Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the bill 140 to 3, and the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, promptly signed it into law, which took effect immediately. What these conservative lawmakers did not realize is that their new law would, in effect, decriminalize weed. This is because Texas House Bill 1325 makes a rather fine distinction between non-psychoactive hemp and marijuana with buzzier levels of THC. Since state crime labs aren’t equipped to tell the difference, prosecutors decided to ease up on charging folks with mere possession. The Texas District & County Attorneys Association saw fit to issue an advisory: “The distinction between marijuana and hemp requires…

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mainstream marijuana

OPIOID MANUFACTURERS Despite the powerful pharmaceutical lobby defending its enormous opioid investment and profits, cannabis is making an impact on that sector. The efficacy and reduced risk of cannabis pain solutions are undeniable. Opioid receptors are located near parts of the brain (including the brain stem) that regulate the breathing reflex, raising the possibility of death by asphyxia. Cannabis, obviously, poses no such threat. And a recent $572 million judgment against Johnson & Johnson for its role in the opioid crisis could be a sign of things to come. SPORTS BEVERAGES With the sports nutrition industry projected to accelerate to $100 billion by 2023, many in the cannabis industry see a tremendous opportunity. Beverage concerns are increasingly pairing up with pot companies, hoping to harness the public’s fascination with CBD and THC. Huge…

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painkiller payback

“The opioid crisis is an imminent danger and menace to Oklahomans,” declared Judge Thad Balkman, as he brought the hammer down on pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. The seven-week civil trial found that the corporation had, through its shady marketing practices, contributed to Oklahoma’s opioid crisis that had claimed more than 6,000 lives. Johnson & Johnson must now pay $572 million to the state—a large amount, but a mere fraction of the $17 billion sought by the plaintiff’s attorneys. Balkman cited the company’s aggressive sales tactics that encouraged doctors to prescribe opioids for patients for pain management, but avoided any talk of the so-called “addiction ditch” and the assorted downsides to drug dependence. Doctors who prescribed lots of opioids were targeted as “key customers.” The company has admitted no guilt…