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persistent resistance

“While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”–Eugene V. Debs ADVOCACY IS AT the heart of the modern legalization movement. Before cannabis became the semi-respectable, booming industry we know it as today, embraced by hedge-fund managers and multinational corporations, it was a street fight. Advancements were wrested away from the establishment by brave and passionate men and women who recognized the importance of marijuana-law reform and were willing to take on the government to achieve it. Every social movement needs leaders capable of inspiration. The medical-cannabis movement has had many, but none more important than Dennis Peron, who not only crafted revolutionary legislation that legitimized cannabis as medicine,…

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End the Drug War I am a retired LEO (law enforcement officer). After spending more than 28 years as a street officer, I have observed firsthand the waste of time and money spent trying to stem the flood of recreational marijuana. I believe that marijuana is not a “gateway” drug. The true gateway drug is legal and easily accessible alcohol. I never had to fight someone high on weed, but almost always had to fight with individuals intoxicated on alcohol. The legalization of marijuana would free up law enforcement officers to address violent crimes. Furthermore, it would cut the flow of cash to many gangs, which would cut their powerbase. It would increase the tax base and some of that income could be earmarked for hiring additional LEOs and drug rehab programs. Additionally,…

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contact high

THE FUTURE OF CANNABIS The cannabis industry is thriving despite the not so insignificant fact that marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. A majority of Americans favor recreational legalization but what, exactly, does legalization look like? Businesses, communities, recreational consumers and medical patients all have different needs, which lawmakers must satisfy while keeping the booming cannabis industry operational. We examine the legislative maneuvers that could create the legal cannabis industry of tomorrow on page 54. YASHA FARMS These Bruce Banner plants are grown in a living soil using light deprivation techniques. Learn more about improving the quality of your growing medium and saving money on nutrients starting on page 62.…

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brand spotlight: from the freedom defense to conscious capitalism

AS THE FOUNDER of a boutique law firm in Sonoma County, CA, Omar Figueroa is his own brand. The longtime cannabis advocate and activist has been practicing law for more than 20 years, the majority of which have been focused on utilizing the freedom defense—a zealous criminal defense that focuses on constitutional issues and legal questions of first impression—for cannabis growers. But as a California-based criminal-defense attorney working in the field of cannabis, Figueroa found himself needing to navigate an uncharted legal landscape, specifically with the arrival of quasi-legalization. While the transition hasn’t been easy, it’s been by all accounts successful—and through it all, Figueroa has remained an ardent supporter of entheogen law and policy. Figueroa’s list of credentials is impressive. He’s a founding lifetime member and the current director of…

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changing the past to move forward

AS THE GREEN revolution blooms, activists of all stripes are having a say in how legalized markets develop. There are organizations that support women, Native Americans, people of color, veterans and other marginalized groups, and their voices are being heard in the legal cannabis world. Some voices are louder than others and there’s room for improvement, but one area in which activists’ goals are being realized, albeit unevenly, is in criminal justice. Expungement (also called “expunction” in some circles) is the erasure of an arrest or a criminal conviction. The erased record may be said to be “sealed,” which is a way of conceding that it still exists but cannot do any more harm. Anyone who has ever been arrested and/or convicted of a crime—anyone who has ever “been in the…

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the good fight

NATIONAL CANNABIS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (NCIA) Founded in 2010 and representing nearly 2,000 member businesses and thousands of cannabis professionals, the NCIA is the industry’s only trade association chartered to protect the legal cannabis industry while advancing federal policy reforms. The NCIA has recently formed a Safe Vaping Task Force, which recommends that cannabis-based vape businesses model regulations after the e-cig industry by testing both the liquid and the aerosol that goes into the cartridge. Additionally, the NCIA calls for full transparency, regardless of required regulations, in order to increase consumer knowledge and build trust. VETERANS CANNABIS PROJECT (VCP) Currently, 34 states allow medical cannabis and 83 percent of veterans support medical pot, yet VA facilities do not provide this medicine because marijuana is still federally prohibited. VCP Heal, a program of the Veterans…