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women & weed

WOMEN HAVE BEEN using cannabis since the birth of civilization. From ancient Chinese and Mesopotamian women to the 19th century’s Queen Victoria, cannabis has been used to provide relief from pain and mental anguish. And yet, in the past century, women have been hesitant to talk about their cannabis use, or even try it. The criminalization of, and negative stigma surrounding, cannabis use was, and still is, stifling—especially for women. But today, despite the stigma (or, perhaps, to spite it), there are more women than ever before unabashedly sharing their love of the plant. More important, we’re seeing more female representation in every sector of the cannabis space. This uptick is also seen in cannabis-adjacent spheres—like journalism. As the digital editor of High Times, I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure…

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Be the Change My 11-year-old daughter was born with frontal lobe epilepsy and would experience up to 65 seizures a day. She has been introduced to 17 different pharmaceuticals in her short life, [including] barbiturates and opioids, and none of these pharmaceuticals decreased her seizure activity. In 2016, she had exhausted all of Western medicine’s options. I immediately began researching CBD and in March 2017, I began medicating her with CBD. She has been a [medical cannabis] patient [since] and her seizures have decreased by 85-90%. On September 4, 2019, she was removed from DC public schools because… there are no laws in place for children to medicate in DC schools or charter schools. My daughter was out of school for three days, but within those three days, I blazed fire on Capitol Hill…

5 min.
cbd for life

IF YOU ASKED a hundred people about effective skin-care products and routines, you would get a hundred different answers. Skin care is highly individualized and, because of the many factors that go into it (like age, genetics, diet and lifestyle), it can take years of trial and error to fine-tune your routine. Skin care can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to combat specific concerns such as acne, rosacea, eczema, sun damage or wrinkles. And it’s not as if you can just give up on it; cruel and unfair as it is, we live in a society that prioritizes physical appearance—it’s innate. Because of this, we all feel the pressure to put our best face forward, literally. And, as we all know, the appearance and health of our skin can be…

4 min.
look for the union label

LIKE IT OR not, the cannabis industry is shaped by capitalism. This has always been true, even when cannabis was illegal, because the black market is, of course, a market. Now that weed is becoming legitimate in the eyes of the law, the capitalists who own the means of production are doing what capitalists do: extracting profit. The workers, meanwhile, are organizing. The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) claims to represent “tens of thousands of cannabis workers across multiple states” including growers, cultivators, and workers in manufacturing and processing facilities, as well as lab and dispensary employees. Other big-time unions, such as the Teamsters and United Farm Workers, are courting weed workers on a pitch of better workplace-safety protections, health benefits and the proverbial seat at the table. Not…

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vape fear

Vaping is bad now, apparently. According to the Centers for Disease Control, at least 26 people have died from e-cigs and some 1300 nonfatal lung-injury cases have been reported around the United States. The malady already has its own acronym—VAPI, for “vaping-associated pulmonary injury.” Most ominously for stoners, the CDC says “the latest national and regional findings suggest products containing THC play a role in the outbreak,” even though “no single product or substance has been linked to all lung injury cases,” and of course more information is needed before we start naming names. That said, it might be wise to avoid Dank Vapes, which is an illegally run brand of vaping products, as it is implicated in a number of VAPI cases. In fact, maybe avoid illicit pens and…

1 min.
911 is a joke

An Ohio man was incensed when police confiscated his stash, so he did what any red-blooded stoner would do and… called 911 to complain. “I had two cops come here and steal my fucking weed and I want it back,” the unidentified man barked at a police sergeant. “It was only like four grams, but it was, like, you know, prestige weed—and the motherfuckers took it!” The dude was righteous about his weed but wrong on the law, since he seemed to think such a small amount of herb was no biggie. “And from what I know, 100 grams is cool, right?” he continued. “Or am I wrong?” In a pot-pun-laden Facebook post, the Sharonville Police Department did what it could to set the record straight: “To be blunt, recreational…