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45 years and still growing

WHEN I FIRST started working at High Times, in 2006, there was already 32 years of history. This renegade magazine first crashed the publishing scene in 1974, modeling itself after Playboy, but for pot enthusiasts. What could have ended up being a one-off spoof became a legacy publication, now celebrating 45 years because it captured the imagination of its readership, provided badly needed information about a much-maligned plant and was never afraid to speak the truth. Over the years, the magazine has survived thanks to our loyal readers. The connection High Times has forged with its readership is palpable and remarkable. It’s easily the best thing about working here. The events that have unfolded while I’ve been here—11 states and the District of Columbia legalizing cannabis (legalizing cannabis!)—were the dreams of…

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Donations (Not) Wanted I read [about] schools not accepting monetary donations from marijuana businesses. I do kind of understand their side, because the federal government are assholes when it comes to giving out federal funding. They are very strict. I read somewhere that some companies were donating money secretly to a charity that will accept it and then donate it to the schools. Also, it will probably take time, but I hope they take a lot of that money and create classes [that educate the public about marijuana]. Kelli Oklahoma Brownie Mary I just read the article [on your website] about the Dennis Perone/Brownie Mary Act. I knew Mary from the early ‘80s when she boldly sold brownies right out of her flat near Noe and 15th in San Francisco. We quickly became friends…

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whoopi and maya

WHEN WHOOPI GOLDBERG, the acclaimed actor, comedian and co-host of The View, decided she wanted to enter the cannabis industry, she sought out help from her friends at High Times first. She reached out to then HT associate publisher Rick Cusick for advice on creating marijuana-infused products with a focus on the needs of women. Cusick and senior ad rep John McCooe put their heads together and immediately thought of Maya Elisabeth, founder of Om Edibles and winner of many High Times Cannabis Cups for her salves, topicals and edibles—all produced with healing herbs and superfoods as the guiding principle. Cusick brought Whoopi and Maya together and they immediately hit it off. They shared a vision for a brand that would cater to the particular holistic needs of women with an…

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the fire this time

THE LIGHTS WENT out in California in early October, intentionally, as it happened. The utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) pulled the plug on select regions as a prophylactic measure to prevent wildfires, which are sometimes caused when high winds knock trees onto power lines and sparks fly. The power did go out, in Humboldt County and elsewhere, affecting some of the world’s best outdoor marijuana farms. For cannabis operations, losing the juice could not have come at a worse time, as the fall harvest was just underway. “We have an extraordinary amount of product coming out of our rural farms right now,” says Terra Carver, executive director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance. “People are literally sitting outside their freezers to make sure they don’t go off; there’s millions and…

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righting drug war wrongs

EXPUNGEMENT With many people now profiting from the very thing that others were once sent to jail for, expungement—giving people convicted of cannabis crimes the opportunity to reduce their convictions and scrub records that can hamper access to housing, employment, citizenship and the ability to vote—is becoming a focal point of the legalization movement. Advocacy, services and support must also be provided, or many people of color will continue to be victimized. These include clinics and workshops to identify career paths and nonprofit organizations to assist in paperwork and navigating the legal-cannabis bureaucracy. CANNABIS-INDUSTRY EMPLOYMENT SERVICES A number of advocacy groups are assisting those who’ve been affected most by the War on Drugs to find employment in the cannabis industry. These efforts are helping those convicted of pot crimes participate in the newly…

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bern notice

Indefatigable presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has released his policy statement for pot, and it looks pretty good. In a playfully timed 4:20 p.m. release of his plan, Sanders said he will legalize marijuana in his first 100 days in office with executive action (bypassing the need for tedious debate in the House and Senate), vacate and expunge all past pot convictions, use revenue from legal cannabis to reinvest in communities that suffered most in the War on Drugs and deploy a suite of tactics to “ensure legalized marijuana does not turn into big tobacco.” The quasi-socialist senator from Vermont has a long history of promoting legalization. As a congressman and later as a senator, Sanders has co-sponsored and signed a number of bills to legalize weed and to protect cannabis…