Issue 75: Spring/Summer 2021
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Huck is inspired by DIY culture, featuring people who make you think, who challenge the system, who strike out on their own. Packed with intelligent journalism and stunning photography, it covers the people and the places that are shaping culture all over the world.

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a new kind of art school since 1856.

PLYMOUTH COLLEGE of ART Masculinity, Tilly Warburton, BA (Hons) Commercial Photography for Fashion Advertising and Editorial We provide a physical and digital space where our creative community comes together, explores new horizons, and pushes the boundaries of artistic practice. What sets our graduates apart are our core values as an agile, independent art school, and our understanding of how to thrive creatively in our modern digital society. What unites us is our unique curriculum, led by artists and designers teaching artists and designers, with the combined depth of experience of our expert academic and highly specialised technical staff. We have been innovating and adapting since 1856 to reflect the requirements of industry and our students, and the world needs creative thinking and making now more than ever. Don’t get lost in the crowd, studying…

12 min.
zarah sultana

AS DECEMBER 2020 RUMBLED INTO VIEW, Twitter was abound with people sharing their end-of-year stats from Spotify. Labour MP Zarah Sultana was no different. She posted a screenshot of her most-played artists, along with the caption: “It is what it is innit.” The graphic that accompanied the tweet painted quite the picture. At number four of her top five sat Lewis Capaldi. An embarrassing entry for a middle-aged suburban mum, let alone a 27-year-old woman. Next was One Direction, a band popular with 12-year-olds a decade previously. Placed above them was Taylor Swift, a woman who – in my humble opinion – had a standout year and represented an honourable addition to the list. But beating her to number one spot was Korean boy band BTS. It was a brave post…

11 min.
gabriel krauze

THE WOMAN WEARS A BLUE DRESS. She holds the naked man down on the bed: his knees are drawn up, his head is braced upward, he looks toward us, inverted. Another woman, by her left side, takes the man’s hair in her left hand. With her right arm she wields a short sword, tip pointed downward. She draws the blade toward her. It cuts through the man’s neck. Blood runs down through his beard and onto the bed sheets. The light bathes the scene in a sepulchral glow. The executioners’ faces are vengeful and calm. “Artemisia Gentileschi was raped as a young girl,” says novelist Gabriel Krauze, handing me the phone to show me the image. “You can see the pain and the suffering and the rage in this work.” Gabriel…

10 min.
nubya garcia

NUBYA GARCIA RECENTLY MADE A VOW TO HERSELF: STOP WEARING BUSYNESS AS A BADGE OF HONOUR. The non-stop nature of life as a touring musician was something the 29-year-old had been reckoning with for the past year or so. The focus began with ‘Pace’, a single she released in May 2020, and continued in her own time throughout the various stages of lockdown that followed. In many ways, it took the stillness that came with that period for the saxophonist, composer and bandleader to recognise how intense her routine had really been. “It was just go, go, go, go – and be thankful that you’re going,” she says of her pre-Covid reality. “But times that by 365 days and that equals a burnout. I didn’t realise how much I put myself through.” One…

12 min.
the solidarity fields

EMBERS RISE INTO THE NIGHT SKY. Kastro reaches a hand into the tall stone oven to light his cigarette. With a shovel, he makes room for the loaves of bread he has been preparing. In between drags of a cigarette, he sings folk ballads in both Greek and Arabic as he pours ingredients into a deep plastic mixing bowl: flour, butter, tahini, red wine, black sesame, sugar, wild honey and sunflower seeds – most of which has been grown on the farm that surrounds us, now all but invisible despite the glow of the full moon. There are currently around 100,000 refugees in Greece, and almost half are living in horrendous camps that have been locked down and largely abandoned due to the coronavirus pandemic. But just outside the small village…

8 min.
where the magic happens mark lanegan

ON THE AWE-INSPIRING RING OF KERRY ROUTE, in the heart of Ireland’s scenic South-West, you’ll find Killarney. The small town is one of the island’s most popular tourist destinations, famous for its lakes, sandstone mountains and 26,000 acres of sweeping woodland. It has a population of around 14,500, many of whom have resided in the town and its surrounding area for generations. Last year however, in August, it received a new, rather unlikely denizen: grunge pioneer, Mark Lanegan. Over the years, the 56-year-old – who found fame as frontman of the Screaming Trees, before embarking on a lauded solo career – has battled addiction, homelessness and everything in between. But now, 5,000 miles from Los Angeles, the city he called home since the late ’90s, he is hitting reset all over…