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In-Fisherman June 2018

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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JUNE 4 Radically Fine-Tuned Tactics > Brown Down Bluegills > Grass Pigging Pike > Tubing Shallow Largemouths JUNE 11 North America’s Hottest Tactics Happening > Big Water Walleye Patterns > Spider-Rigging Crappies > Top Smallmouth Softbaits of All Time JUNE 15 Prime Time Opportunities > Options for Mountain Lakers > White Sturgeon Beasts of Current > Cranking Postspawn Largemouths JUNE 25 Slay Them with Sleight of Hand > Retro Trick Worm Largemouths > Cree Lakers Big Time > Hair Jigging Smallmouths in-fisherman.com THE LARGEST SOURCE OF FISHING INFORMATION ANYWHERE! EXCLUSIVE ONLINE COLUMNS HUGE VIDEO LIBRARY MASTER ANGLER SOLUNAR TABLES ADVENTURES MOBILE FRIENDLY SPECIES LANDING PAGES AND MUCH MORE! COMING NEXT ISSUE » Deep Cranking Largemouths; Thin Line Smallmouths; Walleye Trolling Tactics; Big Pike Location; Summer Scene Panfish; Knee Deep in Channel Cats; Dock-Shooting Crappies; and Much More! ON THE COVER Topwater Near Miss! BY LARRY TOPLE…

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Feature articles in In-Fisherman take the reader well down a road to understanding subjects about specific fish species. The largemouth bass article in this issue, for example, digs deep into options for connecting with bass by using a new generation of topwater lures. As we so often say, a little tweak here, a little trick there, and soon enough you’re fishing better than you have before. Topics in a column such as those in Bits and Pieces take a different route to enlightenment about more diverse topics. Many puzzling issues have been addressed in the 37 years the column has run. Like how much weight fish lose by being out of water or not being weighed promptly. As in, “The fish would have been a record if the angler hadn’t waited…

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bits & pieces

Crayfish Connections Life History Lessons— Many studies and practical experience suggest that various fish species often prefer to feed on fish instead of crayfish, probably because crayfish may be harder to catch and eat at times. Crayfish also are less nutritional. Still, they remain an important forage in some waters during some periods, so it pays to understand a bit about crayfish location in the waters we fish. This varies by species and habitat. In Fisherman Distribution, Life Cycle, and Reproductive Condition Young-of-the-year crayfish may molt 10 times before reaching sexual maturity. Females generally molt once after the young disperse, males usually twice, once in spring and again in late summer. Seasonal Distribution Crayfish distribution is influenced by habitat, which includes the availability of hiding places like woodcover, rocks, and vegetation. Generally, crayfish are found shallower…

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OTTAWA RIVER QUEBEC Muskies » Over 100 miles of muskie waters await Esox anglers looking to capitalize on a sterling population of 47- to 55-inch fish. Contact: Capt. Marc Thorpe, 450/433-4784, marcthorpeguiding.com. Steve Ryan OTTERTAIL COUNTY MINNESOTA Panfish » Trophy crappies and especially bluegills, with fish surpassing a pound, are the target all summer, with dozens of lake options, in an area stretching from Fergus Falls to Perham. Contact: Guide Jesse Thalmann, 320/290-2035, Thalmann’s Guide Service (Facebook); Guide Garett Svir, 320/428-5174, slabseekerfishing.com; Gene’s Sport Shop, genessportshop.com. Doug Stange LAKE SAKAKAWEA NEW TOWN, NORTH DAKOTA Walleyes » The walleye population is booming, with loads of eaters from 18 to 22 inches or so, along with an a shot at much bigger fish. The bite’s good from June throughout summer into fall. Contact: Guide Matt Liebel, 701/770-6746, liebelsguideservice.com. Doug Stange TOLEDO BEND RESERVOIR TEXAS-LOUISIANA Largemouth Bass…

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Color Me Walleye Ten hot “walleye colors” like Pink Banana, Green Banana, and Purple Bumble Bee are available in four Bagley crankbait designs: a stickbait, the Minnow B; and diving baits, the Rumble B, Deep Diving Minnow B, and Deep Diving Shad—check pricing at bagleybait.com Tether Tool Built like a tiny tank (anodized aluminum), the Gerber Defender Large Tether keeps tools—pliers, camera, line cutter—close at hand with a tip-control carabiner one easily manipulates with a finger, allowing the release of up to 48 inches of Dyneema cable—$37, check more features at gerber.com DryFins Shorts For kayaking or wet wading, DryFins are light and comfortable, with a smooth liner to avoid chafing and rashes from fishing in wet shorts. In men’s and boy’s sizes and three colors—$39 to $47, dryfins.com New Colors Lake Clear Wabblers, used as attractors…

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toppin’ topwaters

Surface lures get old but they never die. From wood whittlers of yore to the high tech CAD men and 3 D printers of today, lures that scratch the water’s surface have received plenty of attention. ¶ In part, that’s because it’s hard to design a topwater lure that won’t catch fish. I’ve seen videos of bass slurping old wine corks, cigarettes, and other trash floating above. As opportunistic predators, they’re attracted to things that look vulnerable on top of the water. ¶ While some anglers cling to old favorites, novel designs have come on the scene, offering new levels of attraction. The one that’s received the largest notoriety is River2Sea’s Whopper Plopper, designed by former TV producer, host of the TV Show “Hunt for Big Fish,” and inveterate lure…