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In-Fisherman August/September 2018

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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tv august/september

AUGUST 13 Sportfishing Options in Overdrive > Double Drop-shotting Bluegills > Circle Hook Secret Smallmouths > Jig Trailers for Largemouths SEPTEMBER 10 Scratch Attacks for Tough Times > Dippin’ Time Channel Cats > Sturgeon Beasts of Current > Beating Cold-front Largemouths AUGUST 20 Sportfish Gone Big & Bad > River Giants, Alaskan Pike > The Hunt for World-Class Lake Trout > Beast Busting Green Bay Muskies SEPTEMBER 17 Unconventional Wisdom on the Water > No Claws for Largemouths > On the Rip for Smallmouths > Big & Bold for Walleyes AUGUST 27 Pedal to the Metal Sportfish > Grayling Gone Wild > Woodworking Channel Cats > Tubing the Edge for Largemouths SEPTEMBER 24 Essential Presentations Personified > Tube Time Smallmouths > Swimbait Hooking Monster Pike > Crank Trolling Walleyes AUGUST 6 Essential Presentations Personified > Tube Time Smallmouths > Swimbait Hooking Monster Pike > Crank Trolling Walleyes SEPTEMBER 3 Presentation Traditions Personified > Spider-rigging Secrets for Slabs > Grub Grinding Smallmouths > Pitching Program Walleyes…

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calculating color

On today’s sophisticated fishing scene, attention to presentation details usually separates great anglers from good anglers. In this regard, in many situations, working through the puzzle of finding just the right lure color combination is the key to catching more fish. Great anglers have a plan and are willing to work through the color puzzle, fine-tuning as they go. First, of course, an angler has to be on fish. Overall, at this point, identifying the right lure speed and maintaining proper depth control are much more important than color. If those factors aren’t in order, color has little to do with the equation. Actually, if those factors aren’t in order, little else makes any difference; the angler’s only hope is to stumble on fish in a feeding frenzy. Once fundamental factors…

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bits & pieces

National Survey By the Numbers— According to the latest National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, there were 35.8 million anglers age-16 and older in the U.S. in 2016, trending upward 8 percent since 2011, although not statistically significant.* In 2016, 30.1 million anglers fished in freshwater (including 1.8 million Great Lakes anglers). The most popular fish species in freshwater, other than the Great Lakes, were bass. Nearly 9.6 million anglers spent 117 million days fishing for black bass in 2016, down a bit from 2011. There were about a million more panfish anglers (8.4 million), while catfish and bullheads moved up a spot in the rankings from 2011, surpassing trout and drawing 8.1 million anglers. Trout fishing attracted 7.8 million anglers, same…

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GREEN BAY WISCONSIN Walleyes » Anglers have plenty of options, from trolling for easy limits of eaters on the Lower Bay, to casting for double-digit trophies on the Upper Bay from Chambers Island north. Contact: Capt. Bret Alexander, 920/851-4214, alexandersportfishing.com; Capt. Lynn Niklasch, 262/370 6771, fishinpal.com; Capt. Paul Delaney, 920/421-0896, lateeyessportfishing.com. Steve Ryan NIPIGON RIVER ONTARIO Brook Trout » Fish of 10 pounds still assail this river, home of the world record (14 pounds), just northeast of Thunder Bay. Runs start in August and continue through early fall. Lots of fish run 2 to 4 pounds. Contact: For guides, check with Nipigon River Bait & Tackle, 807/889-0707. Matt Straw HOLTER RESERVOIR GATES OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN Montana Rainbow Trout » Just a short distance from Helena, the upper end of this reservoir produces 20 to 50 fish days with many of them…

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staff noteworthy & new

Yeti On Wheels An evolution of YETI’s cornerstone hard-sided cooler, the Tundra Haul, takes Tundra’s legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power the extra mile, on wheels. Neverflat Wheels are of solid, single-piece polyurethane construction and impact- and puncture-resistant. Strongarm Handle is durable, all-metal aluminum with a curved design that tracks out for heel-friendly towing—$399.99, yeti.com Bearded Pig A year after introduction, the Berkley PowerBait Bearded Grass Pig has garnered a firm following, fished for largemouth bass and pike on a standard long-shank jighead or Texposed on a weighted wide-gap swimbait hook, typically a 5/0. Five inches long, in a variety of colors—$4.99, berkley-fishing.com Precision Trolling App The Precision Trolling Data team recently developed an app for Android and IOS platforms that instantly provides the diving depths of hundreds of crankbaits, based on line size, length…

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plant perspectives for bass

The behavior of many freshwater fish species tends to mirror the habitat they favor. As the most widespread and versatile predator species on this continent and perhaps all others, largemouth bass have been able to take advantage of many different ecological niches to survive and prosper. We find good fishing in featureless farm ponds, clear Canadian Shield lakes, canyon impoundments, densely vegetated river backwaters, and more. Bass find a way. But the history of bass distribution suggests their aboriginal home was in warm waters featuring abundant plant growth. And that’s where many top populations continue to thrive. There, dozens of plant species provide cover—vantage points where bass can hold unseen, waiting for preyfish or invertebrates to come close enough to launch an attack. Getting Rid of “Weeds” Fishery biologist Gabe Gries wrote an…