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In-Fisherman October/November 2018

In-Fisherman is for the avid freshwater angler. Each issue provides detailed instructions and demonstrations on catching, cleaning, and eating your favorite species of fish, and reports on the latest scientific studies concerning fish and habitat conservation. This is the source for finding fishing hotspots, new tackle, effective equipment, and more!

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october/ november

OCTOBER 1 Sportfishing Options in Overdrive > Double Drop-Shotting Bluegills > Circle Hook Secret Smallmouths > Trim Trailers for Largemouths OCTOBER 8 Winter Destination Top Picks > Florida’s Giant Largemouths > Devils Lake Ice Bonanza > Lafitte, Louisiana, Redfish OCTOBER 15 Presentation Tricks & Trends > Tricky Soft Trailers for Largemouths > Ice Presentations for Lake Trout > Fish Response Surprises OCTOBER 22 Tactics for Tough Times > MaxScenting River Smallmouths > Fluorocarbon Rigging to Ice Pike > Swimbait Hooking Largemouths OCTOBER 29 New Technologies in Play > MaxScent Trailers for Largemouths > SnoBear Techno Travel on Ice > Longlining Giant White Crappies NOVEMBER 5 Fast Action & Fine Times > Spider Rigging Ol’ Miss Crappies > Muskie Trolling Tactics for the Ages > Hand-Over-Fist Harvest Stripers NOVEMBER 12 Genius & Simplicity in Action > Frigid Water Largemouths > Largest Pike of All Time > Quest for Quinte Walleyes NOVEMBER 19 Winter Destination Top Picks > Florida’s Giant Largemouths > Devils Lake Ice Bonanza > Lafitte, Louisiana, Redfish…

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the book that keeps on giving

Why is it that largemouth and smallmouth bass, pike, walleyes, and many other species, including stripers, and many panfish, so often respond to a spinning, flashing object like a spoon or a spinner? Dr. Keith Jones, who I consider the greatest of all writers about largemouth bass, for the information bestowed in his book Knowing Bass: The Scientific Approach to Catching More Fish, calls the largemouth the “consummate visual hunter.” His observations, although primarily about bass, also teach us about the other predators. Bass want what they eat to be moving. Jones calls them “virtually obligate motion detectors.” Stripers might see more acutely in some situations, but stripers also are hardwired to scavenge at times on dead stuff lying motionless on the bottom. Pike, and to a lesser extent walleyes, also both…

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bits & pieces

How Crappies Feed Fish Biology— Fish feed using various strategies, which are often classified as ambush or cruise feeding behaviors. In ambush feeding, predators wait motionless for long periods for prey to swim by, before repositioning. Cruise feeding is constant swimming in search of prey. Pike often, but not always, feed using an ambush strategy, while fish like tuna, or perhaps walleyes following a school of shiners in open water, are cruisers. Scientists studying feeding behaviors in fish have identified a third, intermediate type of foraging strategy called saltatory. In this type of feeding, fish behave in a stop-and-go manner, scanning for brief periods while motionless, and if prey isn’t detected, they swim a distance and stop again to scan, and repeat. Scientists have discovered that young white crappies are saltatory feeders, stopping…

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MISSISSIPPI RIVER RED WING, MINNESOTA Panfish » Big crappies and bluegills gather in large numbers adjacent to backwater wintering spots just off secondary currents, creating the year’s fastest fishing in Pools 2 through 4. Contact: Guide Marty Hahn, 612/875-8848, mississippiriverwalleyes.com. Matt Straw OKANAGAN LAKE BRITISH COLUMBIA Smallmouths » Lakes like 80-mile long Okanagan, at Kelowna, and Osoyoos, in the warm, lush, southern Okanagan Valley, grow big smallmouths, including a recent 9.4-pounder. Four-pounders and 40-fish days are common in this area where smallmouths are mostly overlooked by local anglers. Contact: Destination Osoyoos, destinationosoyoos.com. Gord Pyzer LAKE OGALLALA NEBRASKA Rainbow Trout— The tailwater fishery in the river and canal offers anglers opportunities to catch rainbow trout surpassing 20 inches, so long as water flow is sufficient. Contact: Keith County Visitors, ilovelakemac.com, Daryl Bauer, Nebraska Game & Parks, 402/471 5005. Daryl Bauer LAKE ATHENS TEXAS Largemouths— This overlooked option a…

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staff noteworthy & new

Super Speed The Abu Garcia Revo Rocket casting reel delivers a high speed retrieve rate of 41 inches per handle turn generated by a gear ratio of 10:1. The reel is super smooth via 10 stainless-steel bearings, and a joy to fish at just over 7 ounces—$299.95, abugarcia.com Glow Spoon From Lindy Legendary Fishing Tackle, the Glow Spoon features a glow stick that lights the spoon under water. Meanwhile, tungsten rattles create sound that also attracts fish. Available 1/16-, 1/8-, and 1/4-ounce, each packaged with three glow sticks, and offered in 12 colors—$6.99, lindyfishingtackle.com Searchbait Swimmer Storm’s 360GT Searchbait Swimmer (prerigged, 4.5 inches, 1/4-ounce, three bodies per package) has a diving lip, providing crankbait-style wobble to go with the swimming action from the boottail, to create double trouble for predatory fish. The rattling head complements…

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bladed jigs for bass

Bladed swim jigs provide a constant thrum-pulse on the rod tip, telling you the lure’s down there hunting for fish. The faster you pull, the more aggressively it vibrates and lifts higher until it cuts the surface. When a bass crushes it, you feel a sudden lack of resistance and vibration. The lure goes dead—set the hook. Coupling a blade with a weighted hook gives the lure freedom to dance on an axis, something bass can see via flash and profile, hear, and feel. It’s a lure that fish in many areas still haven’t seen, which we observed in 2007, when friends and I caught 3- to 5-pound largemouths on almost every lake in Minnesota we fished. Still today, on several of my favorite bass lakes, slow-swimming a ChatterBait among pads, bulrushes,…