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April 2021 - Imani Ellis: The Visionary Issue
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For the multi-faceted, multi-layered Millennials leading the way in subverting the culture with attitude and purpose. InClub accepts the task of being the voice of a generation of influential, inspired and involved, planet-shakers that don’t fit in any one box. Having conversations with those contributing to and defining modern culture.

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letter from the editor

Happy Spring Club Members, The dictionary describes a visionary as a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like. I would take it a step further and say a visionary is a person who sees with perfect clarity, what others may not, the things that are needed, and or missing then sees to it that it comes into focus. Visionaries are those who push, pull, lift and build the change that needs to come; they create the moments that need to be mobilized. They mobilize the movements we need in order to march, the marches we take to stand, the stands that lead to kneels, the kneels to lift the knees off the necks of the innocent with no place in the system not designed with…

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the future of sustainable fashion

“I don’t just want to hear that a dress is made in China. By who in China? With the technology we have, why can’t we do that? And now we’re able to do that. Okay, cool—then why does this feel different than something I bought somewhere else? Because it wasn’t just made in a machine, it was hand-dyed. It was touched lovingly. It feels different. There’s something about that; when you know there’s a human touch there, it has a different vibe to it, and you hold on to it and you love it differently.” Rosario Dawson, co-owner of Voz, an eco-friendly fashion brand, explained the beauty of sustainable fashion to Vogue back in 2016 and honestly, the need for more brands with this mindset has only grown from there.…

3 min.
fast fashion vs slow fashion

We want what we want when we want it. The fashion industry is dominated by brands that live by that mantra. Think of the Fashion Novas of the world. They are known for remaking high end or more expensive items found on runways and turning them into a less expensive option with a shorter production turnaround time. They have it down to a science and that fast fashion business model has worked well for them. Consumers love it. They are able to get the item that they have been eyeing by their favorite designer at a much cheaper price and essentially overnight. Who cares how that item was made and who was affected by the mass production? Well we all should care. When you have a mass production like that at…

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sustainable fashion brands to start the journey:

By now, you may be telling yourself, “yes I want to be more environmentally conscious even in the clothes I wear” and “yes purchasing higher quality of clothing is an investment I am willing to make”, but you also may be wondering, “where do I even start”? I couldn’t leave you without giving you 5 suggestions for sustainable fashion brands that you can look into to as you become a part of the movement 1. EILEEN FISHER A woman’s timeless, functional brand that stated in their Benefit Corporation Report “We are committed to designing clothing that creates minimal environmental and social impact”. They are dependent on natural fibers with a company goal of using farmers who “use organic and regenerative practices that help to restore ecosystems and increase biodiversity and resiliency” 2. ACNE…

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president biden

Graduating from college means walking away with a wealth of knowledge and the resources to excel. But for many people, there’s a hovering cloud of student loan debt that follows them. This is a long-standing issue, but President Biden is actively considered canceling up to $50k of debt for each borrower to combat this crisis. If this comes to fruition, this would be life-changing for so many people, including Black people. EducationData.org reports that, on average, 48 percent of Black students typically owe 12.5 percent more than the amount that they borrowed. And paying it off can take years or even decades. Removing the burden of student loan debt for Black people can create a slightly more even financial ecosystem. It also benefits the people who have notoriously fallen victim to it…

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lynae vanee bogues

known for keeping it Black but brief on her Friday episodes on IGTV series called Parking lot Pimpin. There is where Lynae discuss all issues Black, whether it was political, whether it’s fashion, whether it’s having to do with the different levels of oppression Black folks experienced based on their different identities. “I always bring flair, comedy, humor, irreverence that makes it easy to talk about hints fashion, because that’s what I do.” We have been slightly obsessed with the flair Lynae brings to Instagram. After watching at least 12 in a row we decided we had to speak to incredibly talented woman who understands the times, our history and the power of her voice. After her viral video speaking on the terrorist attacks on the Capitol building that took place on January…