Issue 21

Inspire is akin to a ‘tonic’ to inspire students to love reading, and to be inspired to better themselves. The slew of interesting articles that cover a range of topics in each issue provide students with more than just entertainment, serving to tickle their intellectual curiosity and kindle a love for lifelong reading and learning. True to its tagline, ‘Amazing Stories’, this magazine features fascinating fictional and non-fictional stories.!nspire was nominated Best Educational Title in 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2018.

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editer’s note

Dear Reader, We start this issue with strong and courageous women. Meet Maya Angelou, the African American lady who bravely overcame the obstacles of racism and life’s harsh situations, to become an author, a poet and a civil rights activist. Find out more about Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani lady who lived through a bullet in her forehead to fight for the right of females to education. Today, Malala is a highly-respected and popular speaker and social activist, who is pursuing her education in Oxford University. Through these extraordinary women, we learn that courage and resilience can inspire us to do things much greater than we would have ever imagined. The need for a strong mind is important in many areas of our lives, not the least, in sports. Great sportsmen have overcome…

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mighty maya angelou

What do you do when you are looked down on? You can either react with violence or with emotional strength. Meet Maya Angelou, who chose the latter. Angelou is an author who is best known for her series of seven autobiographies, especially the first in the series, I know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and is also a poet and civil rights activist. “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”Maya Angelou EARLY YEARS Born Marguerite Annie Johnson on 4th April 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, Maya and her brother were victims of their parents’ calamitous marriage. During the innocent ages of three and four respectively, Maya and her brother were sent away to live with their paternal grandmother, who ran a grocery store, in Stamps, Arkansas. In rural Stamps,…

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malala yousafzai

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice is powerful.” How many of us would take a bullet for education? One plucky Pakistani teenager did. She was only 15 when she was shot at point-blank. The bullet pierced through her left forehead, travelled down her neck and lodged in her back. Fortunately, Malala Yousafzai survived the brutal, terrorist attack. However, the near-death experience did not silence the real-life ‘Princess Leia’. Instead it emboldened her. Today, at 21, the youngest Nobel Prize Laurette continues to raise her voice with fortitude, fearlessness and intelligence for the right of every child to education. Raised to Rise Beneath that delicate and dainty face modestly cradled in a shawl lies a fiery strength and stamina to stand up for her rights. Malala’s unrelenting struggle to overcome educational…

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a glimpse into alzheimer’s

Good afternoon. I would like to thank all of you who signed up to be part of the Alzheimer’s Awareness Campaign. To say that I am touched by this overwhelming response is an 1understatement. Our school has adopted Alzheimer’s Disease Association, also known as ADA as our beneficiary for this year. Alzheimer’s Disease, or Alzheimer’s, is a brain disorder that, over time, destroys one’s memory and thinking skills and the ability to do even the simplest of tasks. It is 2irreversible and affects not only one’s memory, but also affects one’s mood and causes changes in behaviour. Sufferers may become suspicious or 3delusional or even start 4hallucinating. Eventually, the brain tissue shrinks significantly and this is when they will need assistance 24/7 as they will lose the ability to care for…

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union secondary school elderynet-

Basic Computer Classes for Seniors! Are you having trouble using a computer and the Internet? JOIN US FOR A BASIC COMPUTER AND INTERNET WORKSHOP FOR SENIORS You will learn to: • perform basic computer tasks• write an email• use a web browser and search engine• detect scams and frauds• use popular social media platforms - Facebook, lnstagram and Skype “We are part of a cashless society. The elderly need to learn how to do online transactions and be confident in using the Internet.” ~ Mrs Tracy Kee, Principal "By learning how to use social media platforms in these classes, our senior citizens will be able to keep in touch with their family members and friends." ~ Mr Arja Singh, Head of Department, ICT “As trainers, our students can sharpen their Information Communication Technology, or ICT, skills further and…

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As part of the school’s Community Outreach Programme, the Head of the Student Council has been asked to prepare a speech, asking for student volunteers to join him in conducting a two-day computer workshop for the elderly in the community. He has included the following details: where and when the workshop will be held what the contents of the workshop are why there is a need to teach the elderly computer skills how the student volunteers will benefit from the activity The speech has been written in an enthusiastic and a persuasive tone, to ensure students will come forward to volunteer as trainers and reach out to the elderly in the community. Good morning my schoolmates! I’m Douglas Tan, your head councillor. Today I’m going to share an upcoming school project that will probably interest many of…