Inspire Issue 20

Inspire is akin to a ‘tonic’ to inspire students to love reading, and to be inspired to better themselves. The slew of interesting articles that cover a range of topics in each issue provide students with more than just entertainment, serving to tickle their intellectual curiosity and kindle a love for lifelong reading and learning. True to its tagline, ‘Amazing Stories’, this magazine features fascinating fictional and non-fictional stories.!nspire was nominated Best Educational Title in 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2018.

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Dear Student, We trust that you have enjoyed reading ‘Inspire’. In order to continue creating relevant and quality content for you, we would like to hear from you on how we can further improve our publication. We are giving away a mystery gift for each completed survey. Kindly email jennylee@ilovereading.sg and indicate your mailing address, and the mystery gift will be on its way to you! FOR ARTICLES IN ‘WRITE UP’: LET US HEAR FROM YOU! We are always eager to find out what you like about our magazine and what we can do to further improve. Just email us at editor@ilovereading.sg and speak your mind. How would you like to see your writing published in this magazine? Do send us your work. We pay for your essays! GET YOUR WORK PUBLISHED! Do you have an essay that you…

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editor's note

Dear Reader, What makes a promising law undergraduate decide to start a social enterprise selling women’s traditional wear? Ikigai, says Victor Baguilat Jr, who started Kandama Collective, saving a dying tradition of weaving in his home country of Philippines. Ikigai is where passion and compassion come together, that sweet spot which propels one to serve a community bigger than oneself. Find out how Victor found his ikigai in ‘My ikigai: Save the Weave, Empower Women’ (pages 11-13). Serving the community can sometimes come in the form of a simple rice meal, too. Filling the stomachs of the needy is often known as one of the best forms of service to mankind. That is exactly what Tony Tay, the owner of Willing Hearts, sought to do. Read about how he came up with…

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willing hearts

Every morning at 5am when most people are asleep, a sole figure would be busy in the kitchen, cooking meals for the needy folks of Singapore until the rest of the volunteers and the four full-time cooks arrive. Day in and day out, Mr Tony Tay and his team of volunteers prepare, cook, pack and deliver the food to various parts of the island. At the forefront of this movement is a man with a heart of gold and a mission to foster unity among Singaporeans. This team of compassionate volunteers from all walks of life work tirelessly to bring a smile to the faces of the less privileged, bringing that vital bit of warmth and kindness into their lives. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS As a boy, Mr Tay spent his primary school years…

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my ikigai: save the weave, empower women

Imagine the perfect intersection where your passions and talents converge with the things that society needs and is willing to pay for. That sweet spot where everything overlaps is your ikigai (pronounced ‘eye-ka-guy’), a Japanese concept. Now picture leaving law school right before graduating to pursue this ikigai. That is exactly what Victor Baguilat Jr from the Philippines did. Finding his ikigai played an instrumental role in his decision to start the social enterprise, Kandama Collective, that taps the creative energy of the local master weavers, modern designers and indigenous artisans to create a lighthouse of living traditions that empowers women. Through its campaign, ‘Save the Weave’, Kandama aims to preserve a dying tradition of the Ifugao people in the Julongan village in Kiangan, while at the same time empowering its…

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coping with natural disasters

A COUNSELLOR TALKS TO A GROUP OF TEENAGERS ON VOLUNTEERING AT SULAWESI, INDONESIA. Welcome to the No Kid Left Behind Camp briefing. I am so proud to see that so many of you have signed up to help the children of Central Sulawesi cope after yet another earthquake that took place about a month ago. Children who were rescued from the recent earthquake and tsunami may have lost their families, friends, caregivers, homes and personal belongings. These children will be devastated, afraid, angry, confused and possibly even depressed or worse, emotionally numb. We are working together with the Indonesian government and other humanitarian organisations to provide for their basic needs such as sanitation, clean water, food and shelter. We are also working to bring about a certain sense of normalcy and security…

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plastic pollution

WHOEVER THOUGHT PLASTICS COULD BE A PAIN? 1 Ever since the global consumption of plastic took flight in the 1950s, human beings have left a universal footprint on the oceans and lands of planet Earth – plastic waste. Due to the durability of plastic and the unchecked disposal of plastic waste, the coastlines of once-1pristine beaches and even deep marine trenches are now littered with trails of plastic junk that would take up to a thousand years to disintegrate. Such is the phenomenon of plastic pollution, the excess accumulation of plastic in the natural environment that is 2begetting a host of ramifications. 2 Evidently, plastic pollution is an ever-growing cause for concern because of its 3manifold 4pernicious effects. Apart from tainting the environment, plastic 5detritus, in the absence of proper waste management,…