iPad User Magazine Issue 64

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Hello and welcome to a very special issue of iPad User magazine. It’s special because Apple has just announced the very next version 14 of its iOS and iPadOS operating systems at WWDC20, and we’ve got everything you need to know in this issue. Starting on page 4 you’ll find a massive 10-page feature that breaks down all the new features and there’s a table at the end that shows you exactly which features are available in which version of the operating system. While iOS and iPadOS have now diverged as separate operating systems, for iPhone and iPad respectively, they still have the same code base, and most of the new features are available in both versions. My favourite additions are the new Translate, that helps you use your iPad to…

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introducing ipados 14 & ios 14

Last month, Apple used its virtual Worldwide Developer Conference to showcase the latest, upcoming versions of its operating systems and the star of the show was undoubtedly iOS 14, a more powerful system that is easier to use and more adept at helping us navigate our lives and stay connected with the people who are important to us. Available this autumn, iOS 14 will work on the same devices that currently run iOS 13, so no older Apple hardware will be set adrift after the update and nobody should feel any pressure to upgrade their existing devices. Of course, iPadOS 14 is coming for your iPads, too, and all iPad users will be able to enjoy the same features that aren’t specific to the size and mobility of the iPhone, plus…

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ipados 14 & ios 14 at a glance

Home Screen All of your apps will be automatically organised into the new App Library so that you can find them easier, and you will be able to hide existing Home Screens filled with apps to reduce the visual clutter on your device. Widgets You can now drag and drop widgets onto your Home Screens to sit among your app icons and pick from one of three sizes to suit your needs. The Smart Stack presents your most-needed widgets in one place on your Home Screen. Picture in Picture Whatever you are watching can be reduced to a small independent window on your Home Screen that can be dragged anywhere so that you can continue to watch while simultaneously performing other tasks on your device. Siri The interface has been redesigned so that it no longer takes…

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manage external storage in ipados

IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to connect an external drive to your iPad YOU’LL NEED An external drive Apple is often criticised for the walled garden approach that it takes which leads to a lack of compatibility with many products company . The reasons for this approach are justifiable because it leads to added security, more stability and an overall experience that is as smooth and stable as you could hope for. With iPadOS, and iOS 13 however, third party drives are welcome. You can access external storage directly from a compatible iPad and use it in almost any way you like. This gives you the ability to create local backups of important files, the opportunity to purchase a cheaper iPad with lesser storage and of course to transfer files with others in…

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how to connecting and using external drives

1 Check compatibility You will need to ensure that the storage you are using is compatible. At a minimum look for MFI certification in the product listing and carefully check the app requirements. 2 Mounting drives When you plug the memory stick or SD Card (via a lightning adaptor) into your iPad port it should appear in the left-hand column in Files and be ready to use straightaway. 3 Drag and drop You can now drag and drop files to the external storage which will act like any folder in iCloud Drive. The entire process should be extremely quick with no lag at any point. 4 Create new folders Approach it as though it is just another folder. If you need to create new folders you can do and rename them as needed. Adding files to a…

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the right solution

1 A guaranteed hit The Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor from Apple may be more expensive than most options, but it is guaranteed to work with any storage device that can connect through USB. 2 Power is important If your external drive can use power you should make sure it is plugged in before you start. Chances are that the iPad may not offer enough juice to keep it powered. 3 Take it further If you want to access your iPad files at a deeper level and then move them to external storage easily, take a look at iMazing (imazing.com) – it will change how you manage iPadOS files.…