iPad User Magazine Issue 65

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Welcome to another issue of iPad User magazine. We’re in that strange time between the last Worldwide Developers Conference finishing and waiting to see if Apple will bring out a new edition of the iPad before the end of the year. We’re hoping it will and of course there is iPadOS 14 on the horizon to look forward to very soon. Looking back 2020 has been a very strange year for everybody, and one we’ll probably be glad to see the back of, but there were some great apps released. Apple recognises the hard work that developers have been doing each year with the Apple Design Awards. These awards showcase the very best talent in the iPhone and iPad space. That why we’re bringing you a special feature all about this…

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customise control center

IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to customise the Control Center in iPadOS YOU’LL NEED iPad running iPadOS Control Center is one of the most useful, but perhaps also one of the most under-used features in iPadOS. Not many people realise how useful it can be and that you don’t have to stick to the default controls. There is much more to Control Center than adjusting volume or brightness, or turning Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on and off. Whether you want to use the Home app to switch a light on, scan a QR code, or make a recording of the iPad’s screen, you can do it all from Control Center – with a little customisation. In addition to choosing which features are accessible, you can configure the layout, and specify whether…

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using a trackpad on an ipad

IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to control your iPad with a trackpad YOU’LL NEED iPadOS 13.4 or later, trackpad compatible with multi-finger gestures In recent years, Apple has increasingly been extending the abilities of the iPad so that it can offer a real alternative to a MacBook laptop that you can use for getting serious work done. The latest move in this direction is the ability to use an external trackpad with an iPad, which was introduced with iPadOS 13.4 in March. A trackpad connected to your iPad works just as it would when connected to a Mac, with a series of click controls and gestures that allow you to sit the iPad on a desk and control it without touching the screen – pretty much like a laptop, in…

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manage your safari downloads

IT WILL TAKE 2 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to download files to your iPad YOU’LL NEED An iPad running iPadOS 13 or later As of iPadOS 13, it’s been possible to download files from the internet to your iPad or iCloud Drive straight from within Safari. This means you can grab PDFs, audio, video, compressed folders, images, games and more by tapping links on webpages just as you would on a computer. These files can be saved on your device or within iCloud Drive and your choice will determine how flexible working with them will prove to be. Choose iCloud Drive and it’ll be easier to use the files on other computers, since anything stored in the cloud is synced with your other devices. But even if you’d prefer to keep the files purely…

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make notes in music memos

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to master Music Memos YOU’LL NEED iOS 11 or later, something to play or sing If you’re musically minded, you’ve probably used Voice Memos to capture ideas. But while Voice Memos is a great app it’s also very basic. Apple’s Music Memos for iPhone and iPad takes Voice Memos and adds stacks of musician-friendly features to create a brilliant and useful app for guitarists and piano players. The first thing you’ll need to do is record your tune – and to do it in tune, thanks to the built-in acoustic tuner that works for all kinds of stringed instruments. When you play, Music Memos works out what chords or notes you’re playing and enables you to add bass and drums to it: these automatically follow the…

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apple design awards winners 2020

There are so many apps and games available on the Apple’s various app stores that it’s hard to know where to start if you’re looking for a new app for your iPad, Mac, or iPhone. A good place to begin is with the annual Apple Design Awards, which showcases the very best apps and games released each year for Apple’s platforms. The awards are open to all developers, large and small, and there’s no restriction on which country they come from. Each year, four apps and four games are selected by Apple from all the apps and games submitted to its app stores (which number in the hundreds of thousands), and the results are eagerly awaited as a win can really boost an app’s profile and download numbers. “Every year, app and…