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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

Great news! Not only is iPadOS 15 finally here, but Apple has released two new iPads in the last month, a new iPad mini and an update to the standard iPad, which is just called iPad. Both are updated for 2021 with new processors and more. This issue we’ve been putting the new iPad mini through its paces and you can read what we thought about it on page 22. It’s probably no surprise that we loved Apple’s latest mini marvel, but there was a bit of concern in the media that it suffered from ‘jelly scrolling’, which is a kind of wobbly visual effect when you scroll rapidly through pages of text. However, we didn’t really notice it and suspect a lot of the videos you see online have been…

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boost your battery life

Are you getting the max use out of your mobile devices’ batteries? Despite all the technological innovations of the past few decades, your Apple devices – from the Watch all the way up to your MacBook – rely on a type of battery first used in commercial devices back in 1991. That said, today’s lithium-ion batteries are a far superior beast to their predecessors, and with each successive generation, Apple finds ways to improve them further. But they’re not perfect. Batteries don’t last forever, for starters, and rarely achieve the maximums quoted in the promotional literature. But, armed with our tips and techniques, you can improve the performance of all your Apple devices to deliver longer use between charges, and to maintain your battery’s overall health for longer. In this feature you’ll discover…

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how to reduce power consumption

1 Background app refresh Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Tap On to switch it off, or restrict its use to Wi-Fi only. You can also scroll down and prevent unused apps from draining your battery without having to remove them. 2 GPS usage Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Set individual apps to Never or ‘While Using the App’, and review System Services too. Go to Privacy > Bluetooth to review (and block) apps that are using your Bluetooth connection. 3 Wi-Fi over mobile Whenever you have the option of Wi-Fi for your connection, disable your mobile internet connection, which uses far more power. In poor signal areas, switch Airplane Mode on to avoid wasting energy looking for a connection.…

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boost your iphone/ipad battery

However carefully you look after your iPhone or iPad, its battery has a limited shelf life. If you’re convinced your mobile isn’t running as fast as it used to, it’s not just a case of planned obsolescence; it may also indicate your battery is past its best. Fix battery problems As batteries age, they begin to lose their capacity to hold a charge for as long as they used to. And as this diminishes, the likelihood of your phone suddenly shutting down unexpectedly increases too. As a result, iOS contains performance management technologies that are designed to cap the maximum performance of your phone’s CPU or GPU to prevent it overloading an ageing battery. The knock-on effect is that overall performance decreases. If you’ve noticed your phone starting to slow down, check your…

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what is low power mode?

> When you need to eke out as much battery life as possible on your iPad, you need to switch on the new Low Power Mode. New in iPadOS 15, Low Power Mode prompts you to turns on when your battery drops to 20% anyway, but you can switch it on manually at any time via Settings > Battery, at which point your battery indicator turns yellow. Low Power Mode disables email fetch and background app refreshes, automatic downloads, several visual effects and defaults Auto-Lock to 30 seconds. iCloud Photos are temporarily paused, and 5G is disabled for everything except video streaming. Low Power Mode automatically switches off when you’ve charged your iPhone to 80% or higher, but if you open Shortcuts, select Automation and tap Create Personal Automation, you can configure…

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the best battery boosters

iPad power banks Mophie Powerstation All-In-One £129.95 FROM zagg.com/en_uk FEATURES 8,000mAh battery, wireless charging, 1x USB-C port, 1x USB-A port This portable charger is aimed firmly at the iPad user on the go. It can charge up to four supported devices at once, with wireless options for compatible iPhones and AirPods. There’s also USB-C and USB-A options, and you’ll even find a pop-up magnetic charger for your Apple Watch. Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank £24.99 FROM belkin.com/uk FEATURES 5,000mAh, USB-A port It’s slim, unobtrusive and minimalistic, but the USB-A port is capable of charging any iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with the right cable. Its capacity doesn’t match anything else in this list, but again this power bank is for portability, and you should still be able to charge your phone one or two times…