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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

After all the excitement of the redesigned iPad mini which we reviewed last issue, we’ve got our teeth into the new basic iPad this issue. This is the latest version of Apple’s cheapest, and best value for money, iPad. While there is nothing particularly amazing, or any standout features, on the new iPad, it’s a solid update. You can see what we thought on page 20. One word of warning though - if you’re going to get an Apple Pencil to go with your new iPad, make sure you buy the correct one. Even though this iPad has just come out, it still uses the original Apple Pencil, and won’t work with the Apple Pencil 2, which is for the more expensive iPads in Apple’s range. Also this issue, we’ve got a…

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ipados 15 superguide

With iPadOS 15, Apple has given the world’s best tablet operating system some very significant upgrades. Productivity features that were previously only available on the iPhone are now on your tablet too, and you’ll find that everything from productivity apps to privacy protections have been given important improvements. iPadOS 15 is about making your iPad work the way you want it to. Home Screen Widgets can completely customise the information you get, the App Library can make it easier to organise and access your apps, and the improved multitasking features make it easier to work with multiple apps at the same time. Streamlined Notifications are much easier to manage, and the new Focus mode enables you to decide who and what can contact you at different times and places. Some of…

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home screen, widgets and app library

The latest iPadOS 15 introduces a new way to get organised on your favourite tablet, bringing iOS features to the iPad for the first time. Our favourite new feature is widgets, which have made it across from the iPhone. These can sit anywhere on your Home Screen to provide instant access to whatever you like: Calendar events, the weather forecast, your Apple Music playlist, your favourite photos and so on. To add a widget, simply long-press an empty bit of the Home Screen and tap the ‘+’ icon at the top left to see the available options. As you’ll see, there are lots – including Smart Stacks, which change over the course of the day. Smart Stacks will even predict what other widgets you might like and show them at…

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notes, quick notes and multitasking

With iPadOS 15, Apple has paid a lot of attention to productivity. In particular, it’s beefed up the Notes app to make it easier to record, find and share things, and there’s a new feature called Quick Note that enables you to add a note from anywhere without having to leave the app you’re in. The main Notes app’s biggest change is in its use of tags. Now you can tag a note by typing the hash (#) symbol before it and Notes will automatically add that tag to the sidebar, underneath the Folders list – so if you tag phone-related things #iPhone, you can tap on that tag to see all those posts instantly. The search works with multiple tags, so you can drill down very precisely very quickly. Notes makes…

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safari, facetime and photos

What’s new in FaceTime > FaceTime’s new SharePlay enables you to share movies, music or your screen in a video chat with friends or family. You can all be watching or listening to the same thing at the same time, sharing the experience and adding your own commentary. Smart Volume will automatically adjust the audio levels so you can be heard during even the loudest scenes or sections, and you can connect via your iPad while watching on Apple TV or listening on your HomePod. It’s very clever and a lot of fun. There’s more. You can now invite people who aren’t Apple users to use FaceTime in a web browser; Portrait Mode gives you the same good looks you’re used to from your iPhone’s portrait shooting; and Spatial Audio and Wide…

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other cool features

There’s lots more to love in iPadOS 15. Messages now has Shared With You, which takes content other people have sent to you and makes it available in the appropriate app – such as Safari for web pages, or Photos for images. You can tap on that shared content, see who sent it and continue the conversation from inside that app without having to return to Messages. Apple has also put a lot of work into iPadOS’s Notifications. In addition to Focus Mode, you can now mute notifications for specific apps or Messages threads for an hour or day, and if a thread is really busy without you you’ll be asked if you want to mute it. Your iPad can now differentiate between general notifications and time-sensitive ones that need to…