iPhone X: Tips, Tricks & Apps

iPhone X: Tips, Tricks & Apps

Time and time again, the iPhone has redefined the idea of what a phone can be. Apple’s most iconic device has come a long way since the debut of its original model in 2007, but that hasn’t stopped the company from seeking to push the boundaries of mobile technology with every new release. With the iPhone X Apple has once again set the standard for smartphones in quality, versatility and accessibility. In fact, one of the only downsides to having such a feature-packed phone is that it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, iPhone X Tips, Tricks & Apps will help you to unlock the full potential of your iPhone. Explore our tips section then get to grips with all the best features via our step-by-step tutorials and see how your iPhone X can transform your everyday life.

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By now you are undoubtedly familiar with most of what Apple’s recent update, iOS 11, has to offer and what new features Apple has added to the iPhone 8. Or so you think. iPhone 8 Tips, Tricks & Apps will astound you with an array of things you probably didn’t know your iPhone could do. We explore the home apps, discovering how to get the most out of your device and customise it to suit your everyday needs. Not only that, you can take your IPhone to the next level with the variety of third-party apps on offer, from editing your photos to increasing your iPhone's security. For those looking to get even more out of their device, we'll show you the best downloads to be discovered in the App…

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100 ios 11 secrets

The wait is over and iOS 11 is officially out and comes pre-installed on the iPhone 8. So, how much do you know about the new system update? Apple has naturally highlighted the standout changes in iOS 11 because these are the ones that catch the eye and potentially the money needed to develop such complex operating systems. However, in daily use it is the small things that add up and which greatly enhance the experience over time. Some of them are barely noticeable because of the way they have been implemented, but rest assured that they have been included to help you get more out of your iPhone and the more you understand about them the better. As you will see over the coming pages, there are many changes in…

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Move and delete Manage all of your Home screen apps It’s easy to manage all of your apps on the iPhone Home screens. To move between screens, simply slide your finger left and right or tap any folder to bring up a new selection of apps. If you can manage to keep all of your apps and games to a maximum of two screens, you will be able to navigate a lot easier. The use of folders will also help to keep the amount of gestures you need to use to a minimum. To delete an app, tap and hold your finger on the icon and wait for the ‘x’ to appear. Tap it and you’ll see a new box to confirm the deletion at which point the app will be removed forever.…

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control centre

Make calculations Accessing the calculator The need to make quick calculations is something that all of us require from time to time. Whether you are using a bank app or simply need to work out some quick figures, the Control Centre offers the fastest way to get started. Swipe up to enable the Control Centre and you will see the calculator icon in the bottom row. Tap it and the Calculator app will immediately open ready for you to start adding and subtracting. Don’t forget that entering landscape mode enhances the available functions and will give you scientific capabilities as well. Once you have finished what you need to do, double-tap the home button to go back to the previous app that you were using. It’s a handy feature that you can…

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notification center

Display widgets Access app features The iPhone has built on the use of widgets to help you access key features of your favourite apps without having to launch them. To access your widgets, swipe to the left while on your Home screen or Lock screen and you will see an array of widgets in effect. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the ‘Edit’ button. Tap on this and you will see a list of widgets that are already being used (you can disable them by tapping the red ‘–’ next to each one) and a list of those that aren’t. You can enable currently unused widgets by tapping on the green ‘+’ icon next to each one, after which they will vanish from one list and…

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Closed captions Enable subtitles quickly There are two ways to enable closed captions on an iPhone; one is for all movies that support it and the other is to use them when you feel the need. If you take a trip over to Settings>General>Accessibility and scroll down to the Hearing section you will see an option called Subtitles & Captioning. Select this and then switch the top icon to green. You can now spend some time choosing the exact style you prefer for your captions. When in the Videos app, you can also tap the closed caption icon, which looks like a speech bubble at the bottom. This will offer the ability to turn it on and off as you wish. It is likely that you will need this all of the time…