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The iThink magazine is a most interesting read to boost the language and critical thinking skills of the upper-secondary students, (and high-ability lower-secondary students). With an engaging mix of thought-provoking articles and lighter stimulating reads, iThink is the one-stop solution to making reading both a leisure and an intellectual pleasure to students. iThink symbolizes the magazine's focus on critical thinking by adopting the thematic model. iThink was nominated Best Educational Title in 2016 and 2018 by Singapore Book Awards 2016 and 2018.

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2 min.
using peel to organise a body paragraph

01 Point (Topic Sentence) The first sentence of the paragraph is important as it sets the direction of the argument. It indicates to your readers what you will be discussing in the paragraph. The point should include your stand on the issue and the reason why the stand is taken. Doing this well will ensure that you address the question and help you in your elaboration and the selection of examples. 02 Elaboration The elaboration on your point should be an expansion of your stand on the issue and the reasoning behind your stand. The purpose of your elaboration is to provide clarity to your point and to move your discussion forward. It is important to remain focused on your key idea and not digress. Remember it is the quality that matters more than…

4 min.
online learning is more effective than learning in a traditional setting

Do you agree? No The educational landscape in many parts of the world has seen significant changes in areas such as curriculum design and delivery. Schools have become a 1hive of activity, with many providing a rich and engaging curriculum in which learners can partake in both academic and non-academic pursuits. The extensive use of information technology has also made lessons more interesting for the learners. Apart from supporting programmes and activities, information technology has opened the door to a way of learning which was unheard of thirty years ago: online learning. The debate on whether online learning is more effective than learning in a traditional setting is an ongoing one. I do not agree that online learning is more effective than learning in a traditional setting. In fact, I believe that…

4 min.
music festival

My alarm clock went off and I jolted up in bed, ready to seize the day. It was the day of Party in the Country, a special music festival hosted in a remote part of the countryside. All weekend long, attendants would camp outdoors to enjoy the festivities amongst the serenity of the natural woodland and have a wonderful time. I had been eagerly awaiting this weekend getaway ever since it was announced, especially as my childhood idols, The Funky Monkeys, were playing. Little did I realise that a 1tumultuous experience awaited me. The drive down to the festival site was scenic but uneventful. Cruising along the highway, I observed the cluttered skyline of the concrete jungle gradually fading into low-rise buildings, and eventually I was surrounded by countryside. A vista…

1 min.
writing a descriptive essay: event

Using Foreshadowing When describing an event, we can brainstorm about the atmosphere, venue, characters and any noteworthy incidents that happened during the event. In this descriptive essay, the writer focuses on describing an atmosphere that suggests the event will be a disappointment. The writer uses foreshadowing to amply prepare the readers for the eventual disappointment. She does this by describing things associated with the atmosphere and by describing a series of complications to explain why the event did not live up to her expectations. Foreshadowing: Describing the atmosphere through the surroundings Let us look at how the writer describes the atmosphere. In paragraph 3, the writer foreshadows the disappointing event through the following descriptions of the surroundings, thereby creating a certain atmosphere. The next time you are describing an event, you may consider giving more…

3 min.
describe a possession that reminds you of your childhood days, and why you will never discard it.

Although memories of my early childhood are, at best, foggy in my mind, the memory of one particular object has stayed crystal clear: my ‘po-chim’. Back in those days, it was customary for newborn babies in Hokkien (a Chinese dialect group) families to be given a bolster, known as a ‘po-chim’. Although I was given more sophisticated stuffed toys as bedtime companions as the years passed, nothing could quite replace my 1tatty old ‘po-chim’. According to my mother, I would only fall asleep if I had my lovingly weaved quilted pillow next to me. My chubby little hands would clench it tightly as I fell asleep. My grandmother had sewn it herself, seamlessly combining little squares of red and white cotton cloth together, with neat rows of black thread. Even the…

1 min.
writing a descriptive essay: object

What are associations? Association is a powerful way of linking a remembered emotion to an object, person or idea. We tend to remember messages of a story or an idea more vividly through associations. Associations also help to bring out the significance and value of an object or a person. In fact, we use associations everyday. While some associations are unique to some cultures and some societies, many associations are universal. For instance, fast food is associated with convenience and instant gratification; a home is associated with protection and security; and a baby is associated with innocence and vulnerability. Colours have their associations too: white is associated with purity and peace while red is associated with passion and love. How does the writer use associations in the essay? The po-chim that the writer writes…