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Kate's Style

Kate's Style

Kate's Style 3rd Edition

Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a global trendsetter. Her outfits draw attention from high-fashion media and the public alike, and frequently sell out in record time. Here, we step inside the most desirable wardrobe in the world, and take a closer look at Kate’s evolution into a fashion-forward modern royal, from skiwear to maternity wear. With handy tips and advice on how to get her look, as well as in-depth analysis of her outfits, this is the essential guide for every fan of Kate’s style. Featuring: All About Kate - Learn about Kate's life and style before she joined the royal family. The Look Book - In-depth analysis of some of Kate's most famous outfits. Dresses & accessories - Find out where Kate got key pieces and emulate her look. Handy tips - Get expert hair and make up advice based on Kate's style.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to kate’s style

Emerging in her much-anticipated wedding dress, the creation of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Catherine Middleton’s marriage to Prince William cemented her status as an international fashion symbol. On April 29, 2011, the eyes of the world were expectantly directed towards her, and her now-iconic bridal gown was a global success. Since then, Kate has tackled the difficulties of dressing for diplomatic occasions, film premieres and even ski trips – not to mention two blossoming baby bumps – with finesse. Here, we step into the wardrobe of one of the world’s most famous fashionistas to take a closer look at her most memorable sartorial choices and offer advice on emulating her classic, enviable style.…

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all about kate

In the years since she first caught Prince William’s eye while wearing a see-through chiffon frock at the now infamous University of St Andrews student fashion show in 2002, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has become one of the biggest British style icons in living memory. Her elegant look has sparked copycat imitations the world over and created a recession-beating boost in sales for the shops and designers whose clothes she favours. Indeed, so pronounced is the “Kate Effect” globally that, in 2012, Time magazine selected Kate as one of The 100 Most Influential People in the World. Kate’s sartorial superstar status was cemented the previous year, when she was crowned the “Queen of Style” by upmarket fashion bible Harper’s Bazaar. In topping the glossy magazine’s celebrated Britain’s Best Dressed list, Kate…

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the look book

The style evolution of Kate Middleton into a modern royal role model has gripped fashion fans the world over. Indeed, in its February 2013 issue, to celebrate Kate’s 31st birthday, Vogue magazine, the ultimate style bible, undertook an encyclopedic-like look at her dress sense, named Katepedia, an honour bestowed by the magazine only once before – on her grandmother-in-law, the Queen. Among other things, Vogue’s number-crunching discovered that blue is by far Kate’s preferred fashion colour, with the Duchess wearing it 24 per cent of the time when attending official occasions, while a clutch bag is her go-to accessory, with Kate carrying it to over 90 per cent of her engagements. The fashion bible also noted that Kate opted for an outfit with a boatneck a little over 40 per cent…

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