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Kid Magazine February/March 2018

For mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. Kid Magazine is a place to discover all the latest and greatest products for the families, indulge in some me time and have a laugh along the way. Fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle finds, tips and hacks for mums.

Kid Magazine
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editor’s letter

In December we had a party for Olivia’s 4th birthday. There were 20+ kids and 30+ adults in our backyard, so more than enough smiles and laughter to go around, but also so. many. dirty. dishes. The sink was piled high, even before the guests arrived. I apologised for the dishes to one of the mums when she walked into the kitchen to get a drink. “Are you kidding?” she asked, “This is what everyone’s kitchen looks like. It’s just that no one likes to admit it.” Relief! Why do we put these layers of pressure on ourselves based on what other people think of us? Does it really matter if you have dirty dishes in the sink when you are entertaining 50 people in your home? Or what Mrs Nosy Nobody…

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kid magazine loves

Since 2003, Oh My Giddy Aunt has been the go-to destination for custom jewellery and personalised keepsakes, with a gorgeous selection of Australian made original designs made to order and traditional favourites. Timeless and simple, the“My Little Heart of Gold” is a standout. A precious first bangle for baby, it expands as baby grows and can be made in sterling silver, solid 9ct yellow, rose or white gold, or any combination you choose. Custom made in Australia and engraved with names, dates or a short message, the heart can be set with a birthstone to celebrate baby’s first milestones, birthdays or Christenings. Step into the new season with the gorgeous range from Australian baby and kids clothing brand, baobab. The exclusive collection of nature and art inspired prints is designed…

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mama sanity savers

1. Apple Cider Vinegar I drink two Tablespoons in warm water every morning. I feel this is cleansing and alkalising which helps me feel less bloated and my best. 2. Netflix I had no internet until November last year due to our rural location. Since getting the Internet I have discovered the world of Netflix and it is the ONLY thing that will occupy my children long enough for me to have a shower or a really quick breather! They know how to turn the TV on and to open Netflix and then they scan it. Worth every cent of the $15 bucks I spend on it each month! 3. Good comfortable walking shoes I don’t love exercise but I have realised I need it to keep my sanity. There is something really pleasing about…

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cash on the side

1. The Share Economy Airbnb, Uber, Shebah, Airtasker and Spacer are a few examples of the share economy. Basically, it is people doing or renting things to other people instead of renting from a business. You can rent a room or your whole home on Airbnb, drive for Uber or Taxify. If you prefer a female only option, Shebah is female drivers driving female passengers. Airtasker is available for random tasks, Spacer allows you to rent your driveway, garage or other space and Car Next Door is one of the options to rent out your car. Many of these can be done at the same time, with little effort from you, such as renting a room on Airbnb (find tips for it here), your garage on Spacer and rent your car…

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the “best” eater

As a children’s feeding specialist, I’m going to let you in on a big secret. That sentence you just read, the article title, the sentence that compelled you to read this article is not what I am going to tell you in this 500-or-so-words article. The very premise that someone can purport to tell you this flies in the face of feeding research and evidence. The pressure associated with striving for the best can be the undoing of the complex fabric we need to support feeding our children. Guilt. Blame. Shame. Misdirected attempts at “fixing” the problem. Emotional weight. All pressure does is fray the edges, slash the cloth and ladder the delicate strands. Eating is one of the most complex things our body does and needs to learn to do.…

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no tiger mums here!

It is a common occurrence today to see all children get a ribbon at their athletics carnival, a trophy at the end of a year of dance class, for participation and even a prize during pass-the-parcel at birthday parties. As a society we seem so pre-occupied with being politically correct, fair, equal and inclusive that many believe we are setting our children up for failure. Why? Because without realising it we are promoting a sense of entitlement in our children. When a small child first starts a sports class and at the end of the year gets a trophy for participation, they have no concept of ‘what’ this trophy is for… but the social construct that they can ‘win’ from really not doing anything but showing up, is laid down. Fast-forward 10 years…