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dpeak@aimmedia.com Tour this home on page 16 In the mighty wake of last year’s epic presidential election, people are clamoring to make their opinions heard on every subject imaginable. Perhaps that’s one explanation as to why we had a record-breaking number of votes in this year’s Readers Choice/Best Log Homes contest. Our “Readers’ Favorite” honoree (Taking Stock, p. 16) was viewed and voted on by nearly 100,000 people alone! Then again, maybe the answer hits a little closer to home, so to speak, because this year’s Top 10 line up contains some of the most interesting and diverse log home architecture that we’ve ever seen. For example, we’ve got a reclaimed-log and timber house with a “split” personality (Two Houses in One, p. 56), a design inspired by the fire watchtowers of Georgia’s Blue…

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loghome.com LHL WEEKLY Our free weekly newsletter points you to helpful planning, design and maintenance articles that will save you time and money. Plus, you’ll get first dibs on special deals from our partners. Subscribe now at loghome.com/newsletters CONNECT WITH US Chat with our editors and share ideas, successes and photos with other log home enthusiasts. It’s the best place to get questions answered — and you might even see your story in the magazine! loghome.com/facebook loghome.com/twitter loghome.com/pinterest loghome.com/instagram loghomeu.com(an online community for log home enthusiasts) TAKE IT WITH YOU Find all of our digital editions at loghome.com/digital…

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for the love of logs

Tour this home on page 20 What’s the fascination with log homes? In the United States, the mere mention of a log cabin sparks instant recognition of our country’s pioneering spirit and a connection to its roots. Lush forests provided an abundance of building material, and log houses could be assembled quickly. But modern day log structures are quite different from those of our forefathers, and though deeply rooted in our history, the love we have for log homes has taken on new meaning. The exposed wood fulfills a desire for a natural, organic lifestyle. The open-concept floor plans communicate an appreciation for family values and togetherness. And the complex joinery conveys a passion for the art of building, as well as its science. In short, log homes are just downright cool, and…

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taking stock

Our Readers’ Favorite It began as Natural Element Homes’ most popular stock floor plan — the Tellico — but in the end, the exceptional 5,700-square-foot Black Bear Lodge, with its sweeping mountain views, is anything but standard. “The Tellico is a popular starting point because it’s a T-shaped plan with a bumped-out great room and a straight back,” says Robert Lambert, founder of Natural Element Homes in Tennessee. “The house has been customized and tweaked at least 250 times. I think it’s popular because of the way it functions — it’s very livable. It stays true to the open-concept idea that today’s buyers want, but the kitchen and dining spaces are offset from the great room, so that these areas are visible, but also somewhat removed. This configuration helps people talk with…

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10 years in the making

For a homeowner, being in the construction industry, yourself, can be both a blessing and a curse. On the upside, you speak the jargon and have a clear understanding of the little quirks that are part of the business of building. On the flip side, you may know too much — researching and analyzing every aspect of the process. But the builder/owner of this Kentucky log home did what all homeowners should do — he put his trust in the people he chose to make his log home dreams come true: Idaho’s PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes. It was faith well placed. That’s not to say that the owner was not involved. He performed all of the concrete work, including the foundation, himself, saving him thousands. But he didn’t get to…

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best great rooms

1 Readers’ Favorite Roger Wade photo; By Coventry Log Homes. Roger Wade photo; By Expedition Log Homes…