Log and Timber Home Living Annual Buyers Guide 2019

The nation’s premier log home magazine, Log Home Living encourages the dream of log home ownership. Each issue celebrates the log home lifestyle, provides practical advice, and offers photo tours of the nation’s most beautiful log homes.

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no time like now

Log home ownership is a decision born of passion, not necessarily of reason. You could live in any kind of house if you had to, but the longing for a log home has been burning in your soul, and you think you’re finally ready. There are a lot of good reasons why now is the perfect time to satisfy that urge, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five: 1 Their beauty is unrivaled. Does anyone ever drive down a country lane and exclaim, “Wow — look at that vinyl-sided house!”? Not likely. But happen upon a log home and it’s sure to elicit a reaction. Log homes stand out. They evoke emotion and excitement. And they connect us with our past in a way that few other forms of architecture…

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more ways to learn

For more than three decades, people have turned to Log Home Living’s Annual Buyers’ Guide to help them plan and build their log homes. But did you know we offer even more ways to get log home smart? Outside of these pages (whether you’re reading our print or digital editions), we offer additional resources, both live and virtual. For starters, attend one of our Log & Timber Home Shows and/or the Log & Timber University, where you can meet the people who actually design, manufacture and build the most amazing log homes you’ve ever seen. These traveling two- to three-day events are held across the United States and offer a rare opportunity to visit scores of industry professionals, from log home producers to furniture makers, all under one roof. Free workshops…

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dream fulfillment starts here

This is an exciting time! Whether you’ve been dreaming of having a log home since you were a kid or this is a newfound passion, you’ve decided there’s no better time than now to take the plunge. Everyone’s vision of what their log home will look like is quite different. That’s the beauty of a log home. Though the raw materials are essentially the same, the flexibility in terms of style and design is limitless. Once constructed exclusively from whole logs, today’s log homes routinely mix full log members with other structural materials, such as timber framing, stone, glass and drywall. The result is a structure that’s as modern as it is true to its log home heritage, and its beauty is unparalleled. This special Annual Buyers’ Guide edition of Log Home Living…

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appraising log homes

SOMETIMES THE DIFFERENCE between a fair appraisal and an unfair one is an informed appraiser. Many home appraisers, even experienced ones, aren’t familiar with log homes construction and have little clue how to fairly estimate a log home’s resale value. If you find yourself needing an appraisal, either to refinance an existing log home or to qualify for a construction loan, you’ll find helpful information in “How to Appraise Log Homes.” This free, 13-page booklet, written by log home construction expert Jim Cooper, is designed to help appraisers and lenders accurately determine the value of log and timber homes by familiarizing them with the distinguishing characteristics of these custom wood homes, including styles, construction, cost variables, market trends and points of comparison with other types of housing. As the booklet notes,…

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the lay of the land

1 Start with Your Interests As you begin planning your log home, your hobbies should play a key role in where you build. Select a region close to the activities you like, whether it’s skiing, fishing, hunting or hiking. With your favorite pastimes as your compass, seek out conducive pieces of land, whether they’re perched atop a mountain, along the lake shore or deep within the forest. 2 Look at Regional Hot Spots According to a 2018 Zillow survey, Texas, Tennessee, Colorado and North Carolina (all prime log home locations) rank in the top 10 hottest real estate markets. With loads of available and diverse terrain, plus proximity to national forests, large lakes, world-class fishing and golf courses, these areas are ideal for log home living. However, with a sizzling market can come…

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getting a loan: what do you need to qualify?

Tom Coronato from Citizens Bank has helped scores of buyers secure log home loans by helping them put together a complete picture of their current financial positions. Here’s what he says he and other lenders need to help you qualify for cash: • A 700+ credit score is ideal• Two years of W2, 1099 and full 1040 (federal, not state) forms, both personal and business, plus K-1 form (if applicable)• Thirty days of pay stubs or monthly pension advisements• Your Social Security or pension award letter• Two months of complete bank statements for accounts, including savings, checking, stocks, etc. — every page, not just the summary• Your most recent quarterly 401k statement and/or other retirement accounts• A letter of explanation on any negative credit (if applicable)• A mortgage statement for your…