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MacLife Specials

MacLife Specials

Volume 3 2017

From sluggish software to hobbled hardware, the experts at Mac|Life help you identify what’s slowing down your Mac so you can speed it up again! (Taken from the August 2013 issue of Mac|Life.) Sections include: What’s slowing down your Mac?, 30 Minutes to a Faster Mac, Memory Upgrades, Solid-State Storage, Expansion Cards, and How Fast Can a Mac Go?

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welcome to mac tips, tricks, apps hacks

Whether it's an iMac, a brand new MacBook or a killer Mac Pro, Apple's computers are pretty incredible machines. They're capable of almost anything right out of the box, but because everyday tasks like browsing the web and watching videos are made completely effortless, sometimes it can be easy to forget what a powerful piece of hardware you're running. Enter Mac Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks, which promises to reinvigorate your user experience. We'll start by taking you through some of the lesser-known features of Apple's core apps – from Mail and Safari to Finder and Calendar – before moving on to advanced tricks for the more creative among you. For the power users out there, our Hacks section offers some quick solutions for simplifying tiresome problems and processes. Apple's…

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become a macos genius

Although macOS is designed from the ground up to be easy and intuitive to use, there’s still a lot of potential locked away inside your Mac’s operating system. Whether it’s making the most of having Apple’s virtual assistant on your desktop, installing killer third-party apps or simply keeping your machine in top condition, there are plenty of ways to raise your macOS knowledge to Genius level. Over the next ten pages, we’ve put together our favourite tips, tricks and apps to help you get better acquainted with Apple’s most advanced desktop operating system. We’ll start off simple, with some quick and easy tips to help you make the most of your Mac, followed by a deeper look at some of Sierra’s best features and utilities. After that we’ll delve into some…

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create your own ‘hey siri’ command

• A special preference Head to System Preferences>Accessibility and check the ‘Enable the dictation keyword phrase’ option. Enter the word ‘Hey’. Check the option below to play a sound when your Mac hears you • Press the plus Press the + button under the list of existing dictation commands on the left to add your own. While you’re there, why not browse the commands that are already set? • Enable advanced dictation Check the option in the bottom-left corner to enable advanced dictation commands. This opens up a whole new set of command options for this pretty hidden macOS feature • ‘Hey Siri’ advice Although the theory behind this DIY ‘Hey Siri’ setup is sound, your mileage may vary, especially in noisy environments. If you’re having difficulty, try plugging in an external microphone. • When I say… In the…

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save space with macos sierra

Discover problematic apps Stop resource-intensive apps from running 1 Open Activity Monitor Open up your Applications folder and head to Utilities. Fire up Activity Monitor and look at the list of apps, Check their CPU usage percentages. 2 Select the worst Look for apps that have an abnormally high CPU usage. If you’re experiencing a slow Mac, this may be caused by an app that’s hogging CPU resources. 3 Force Quit it With an app selected, click the x in the top left to Force Quit. Now you can see whether this was causing your Mac to take a turn for the worse or not. Five essential Mac utility apps Must-have apps to make your Mac life easier They’re unlikely to keep you entertained for long or help you produce anything particularly creative, but every self-respecting Mac Genius has a…

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solve app issues

There are times when it’s not the system that’s causing you issues, but a single app. In this case, it might make sense to find and delete that app’s cache files. These temporary files can be rebuilt by an app, and that may fix any oddities. It’s a fairly straightforward process, but not every app likes having its caches cleared like this. Check with the app’s developer if you’re unsure. Keep a backup It’s easy to accidentally delete something important when fixing up your Mac, so make sure you back up using Time Machine and an external drive regularly – ideally every day if possible. 1 Clear your caches To get started with clearing your caches, start by clicking Go>Go to Folder in Finder to bring up the Go to Folder dialog. 2…

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automate everyday tasks with automator

If there’s one app that’s going to get you to macOS Genius level quicker than any other, it’s Automator. Far from being the reserve of the nerds, Automator can help you be more creative, back up your data or assist you in just about any way you can think of. The best way to understand Automator’s power is to get hands on and use the app. To get you started, we’ve set up an example Automator workflow below. This one automatically resizes images for Instagram. Here’s how it works… How to create an Automator workflow Here are six key elements of any awesome Automator workflow Set up Services There are plenty of ways to trigger Automator workflows, but our favourite is to set them up as a Service. Select a file, rightclick, hover over…